Amanda Blake
Miss Kitty

Amanda Blake
Amanda played Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke for 20 years. Gunsmoke was the longest running Western themed television show in history. It is probably one of the longest running formats of all television shows.

We always thought Miss Kitty had something going on with Sherriff Mathew. She wouldn’t kiss and tell. Festus might tell but if 'n' it was good fer the soul. Doc was far from the gossip mill finding time to be gentle and grumpy and friend to Mathew.

Prior to the show cancelling in 1975, Amanda left the year before somewhat bored with the role and annoyed by the same scene every week in and week out. When she left the show it became dull for the viewers and there was no energy after that.

People weren't watching anymore because her presence was gone. She did dawn the bustier and the red curls for a reunion movie project in 1987. When she abandoned the show she lost work and had to fill her time with something besides acting.

Amanda harbored up in Sedona, Arizona. While there she helped to lay the ground work for the Arizona Animal Welfare League.

She passed away in 1989, at the age of 60. Ms. Blake had developed oral cancer from smoking. Out of this tragic ailment she became a cancer spokesperson on television doing public announcements against smoking , promoting cancer research.

Ms. Blake went to Los Angeles to be treated for these health related issues. She was very ill the last year of her life. She would want to impress upon your mind that smoking kills and to never start. She seems to have left us to soon.

Many have suffered her illness. Many more will if they keep on smoking until they reach their mid fifties. Quit now.

Miss Kitty, you're alright!

Amanda Blake

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