Arizona Famous People - NewPort 's Own

It is not curious how we all want a famous hero from the "home town"? Arizona Famous People are plentiful. We are listing the Arizona famous People who are significant in the view of NewPort Arizona. Have a look--->

Paul McCartney John McCain Sandra Day O'connor Steven Spielberg

Joan Cooney Zane Grey Cesar Chavez Rex Allen Stevie Nicks

Steve Allen Alice Cooper Glenn Campbell Jordin Sparks David Spade

Barbara Eden Linda Ronstadt Lynda Carter Dick Van Dyke Geronimo

Cochise Spencer W. Kimball Barry Goldwater Kerri Strugg Phil Michelson

Amanda Blake Ted Danson Earl Hindman Connie Hawkins Steve Nash

Randy Johnson Buck Owens Billy Preston Hugh Downs Leslie Nielson

John Denver Wayne Newton Lindsay Wagner Jerry Bruckheimer

Coach Lute Olson Pat McMahon Coach Jesse Parker Eddie Basha

Stephanie Meyer

More Chatter
We have had famous "visitors" here that impact our lives as Arizonans for a week or so. Anticipation of visit+length of Stay + Media + event = huge impression after they've gone. Unfortunately, impressions seem to have a short shelf life and life gets back to what was normal.

Example? Pope John Paul visited here and the whole Phoenix area and the entire state seemed completely enthused. People from all over the country and the world swelled our population in the State of Arizona. Tens of Millions were added to the state coffers because of visitors wanting to get a glimpse of the Pope.

We all were associated to the Catholics that day. Very nice people. The Pope became a local media mogul for a few days and many clamoured about his prescence. Some vowed to change their lives for the better. We always hope for the amelioration of man and woman. What else is there?

The Kennedy families are known for rafting down the Colorado River and taking Castle Hot Springs saunas West of Lake Pleasant. Ever since then (in the 60s) so does everyone else.

Many world renown people want to remain anonymous but are caught in Tucson and Sedona by very happy fans.

Most Arizonans respect the nature of the chance meeting and keep some distance, but a fan will be a fan. There is never a doubt a fan, meeting a celebrity, might feel famous for a day or 15 minutes or more. Arizona offers the seclusion for the Celebs and its year 'round residents, if they want it. It is part of the Arizona Freedom we all enjoy.

The fan base for Sports, Actors, Politicians, and high profile business people is insatiable.

Arizona famous people all want to live here. Real Estate in Arizona is always a very good deal if you hang on to it long enough or your timing is just right! It usually is.

Arizona is the most “move to” state in the USA It is also one of the most "invest in" states. Sunshine and no daylight savings time. Celebrities invest in Arizona and so should you.

Arizona Famous People
A day in the Life of a Fan is well stated in Mr. John Lennon's words, "...Some are dead and some are living, In my life, I loved them all."

We have very strong feelings here for our celebrities. They are some of our greatest neighbors.

NewPort Arizona claims our Arizona Famous People if they ever lived in Arizona, own Real Estate in Arizona, went to school in Arizona, or visit family in Arizona, or have impacted Arizona significantly in business opportunities, economically or politically.

Most Arizonans are not natives we all come from somewhere "else" that we call, "back home". We actually only visit "back home" these days.

If a high profile someone is living in Arizona we want to acknowledge their connection to Arizona. We are always searching.

Come back often. Keep us on our toes. The statements herein above are pure opinion and are not expected to be everyone elses opinion. So if you have something to say please blog us or email us or go lie down, breath deep, exhale and let it go.

Don't sweat our notions. We’re stickin' to ‘em like a raccoon stuck in one o’ them cotton candy makers at the fair. Relax and stay awhile. Take your shoes off. Think about bein' famous or craving a rainy day! Have some fun. Enjoy,

Arizona Famous People to NewPort Arizona

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