John McCain
The Man Who Could Be President
Now is still a Senator... Its Cool!

John McCain is perhaps the most famous politician in Arizona. He is no longer the most famous politician in the world but he is still the most prominent in Arizona.

He became a congressman in 1982 being elected to the House of Representatives from Arizona. In 1986 he was elected as a Senator from the Great Southwest. He was not born or raised here in Arizona. Yet, like many, he came to Arizona to enhance his prospects. This was an excellent strategic politicians move!

John McCain was born in Panama. He was a Navy man's son who traveled at the will of the government. He went to High School in Virginia, finally after having moved 20+ times. John McCain later graduated from the Anapolis Naval Academy. John Mcain attended flight school much like in the movie "Top Gun." For him it truly was a highway to the dangerzone.

At 30 years of age, while many were dodging the draft, Mr. McCain requested an assignment in Vietnam. Both his father and grandfather were Navy Admirals, so the pressure may have been on to try to gain some recognition in battle and measure up.

Mr. McCain being a Navy pilot in Vietnam worked from aircraft carriers. He was shot down and captured by the North Vietnamese. He was imprisoned in torture camps from 1967 to 1973.

John McCain was the Republican nominee for President of the United States. Being that he is a Republican, he is considered a moderate by liberals and mostly liberal by conservatives.

Mr. John McCain believes he is a Ronald Regan Conservative because he has been able to "reach accross the aisle" and bring Democrats and Republicans to a meeting of the minds, much like Mr. Reagan did.

He has a great point. Very few politicians can see beyond the party lines because of the fear of being considered disloyal. Mr. McCain believes that very little can "change" without bi-partisan agreement. In this approach he has made great strides in his political career to bring people together representing the people of Arizona and the United States. He is always fighting his way out of the proverbial box or paper bag. He does this well.

John McCain still has the remnant arrogance of a Navy pilot. Perhaps it will serve him well in the election. Physically he is limited because of injuries sustained in war. He can't raise his left arm much higer than just below the shoulder. His right arm has a little more range of motion. He is short in stature and has suffered from skin cancer about the face. It does not seem to have slowed him down. He wants to be "what's happening" in the world. He calls it service.

His politician's stance is bold from a perspective of negotiation. Yet he must needs be willing to make policy choices to strengthen the U.S.A. in the areas of closed borders, foreign policy and domestic ECONOMICS. We fear he is not as conservative based in these areas and has compromised too much for the sake of "moving forward" and providing the appearance of doing something.

John McCain seems to express that if there is no compromise we remain undecided, uncommitted and standing still. Anybody who has watched Mr. McCain knows that he can't be still even at 73 years of age.

McCain, has been married to his 2nd wife Cindy Mccain since May 1980. She is the sole heiress to the Hensley & Co fortune. There is a prenuptial agreement guarding the vault. They have four children.

Mr. McCain will make a great President if the country can stop being dazzled by a race horse and look to Mr. McCain as the work horse. The race horse is only good for one run around the track. The work horse can work all day long and into the night, suddenly as well as on the schedule. Anytime you need him, He is there.

The economy will stablize and taxes will keep a bridle on. We hope our voters in this Country will use wisdom for the long term and not just vote for a flashy quick, sloganized candidate that only means what he says when the political climate supports his idea. Liberalism and socialism seem to be the pathos of the day.

We are talking about McCains opponent. This young man tosses in the wind, spins on a dime and the teleprompter is his best friend. He is very good until he has to speak extemporaneously. He has very little forethought of his own. He is a great poster boy for liberal change.

John McCain's brand of liberalism is the most we can afford. Independent thinking, intellectual voters who will claim the conservative route in their voting this year, will affect stability in the United States. If not, we all stand to suffer, educationally, financially, and sovereignly. We do with either candidate at this point.

Give us your word.

Governor Sarah Palin was Mr. McCain's pick for the Vice-presidency running on the Republican ticket. Prior to this pick John McCain was lagging in the poles. He was considered old news and the continued yawn of the last 8 years under President Bush in the White House. This is the media and liberal spin.

Mr. John McCain hit a home run in this pick. First she is a woman. Feminists would not like that to be the main genius of this pick. But it is. She is a woman with five children espousing Ronald Reagan Conservativisms. Those of us who remember Mr. Reagan are energized. Palin fights against the normal direction of the stream even in her own party. Not unlike McCain.

Her age attracts a younger generation, women relate to her, as does every disabled person in America (Isn't that all of us to some degree?), men see her as beautiful, strong willed and unwilling to back down from any fight or challenge. The game is on with Sarah even after the loss.

Forty-three million viewers of her acceptance speach being televised were not all women and simple minded Republicans. This was the Superbowl of Politics. We had three more quarters to watch the underdog become the champion; lipstick, spectacles and dresses aside. (No Pant Suit confusion here.) Of course, it wasn't to be. She could not win the race for the Republican team but she did lay some excellent conservative foundation.

Those in the Democrat party, like her stances for women and see her as a welcomed threat. They crossed over and cheered for her in droves to root for the momentum to at least give her a boost on the playing field. They didn't openly want her to win but secretly would not have been disapointed if she did. Many of those Demorcats voted for her and thereby voted for McCain.

Yet, the psychological wedge of conflict has been set and wedged in place. That splitting may undo the Democrats, even having won in November. This has all encompassingly confused the Democrat voter and the liberal media partnership. The "change" doctrine worked! It will be more of FDR and Harry Truman. It will be Clintonesque and Carter misfires all at once!

John McCain has done what only the creative liberals are known and famous for doing and he is a Republican.

Democrats sting within, "That is not supposed to happen! We Democrats were supposed to have made his kind of move not the Republicans." There is extreme strategy envy here.

The media darlings give themselves away in every question they ask. With facial expressions that they try to hide in feigned impartiality the main stay media are laughable when interviewing simple regards of Governor Palin.

Especially Mr. Charlie Gibson. He is the bulldog (turned jester) in the pen--No Lipstick--we hope.

He is not a court trained lawyer. He has no acting skills. He betrays himself as he self gloats before the epidemy of liberal want. Since when was Charlie supposed to be the male chauvanist pig? (no lip gloss on it). He is still the chump he always was just chumpier. Very little command was demonstrated in the persuasive arts in english anyway. His body language was nothing but the exposition of bafoonery.

We believe he pretends most endeavors very very well. His opinions are part and parcel of the liberal agenda. He is normally convincing.

Not this time. None of the words he says have sway, they are not his. When he strays from the scripts he falters. ABC would have been better off with Merryl Streep doing the interview. Or someone else who could play the part. Mel Gibson maybe! LOL

Liberalism would have at least had a chance. Feminists are allowed to be chauvanists they are above the morees of society.

As it is, Charlie gave Palin more credibility. Most Americans have no idea what the "Bush Doctrine" is... this is a liberal Washington term which covers a wide range of Bush Administration ideology. Bush didn't write it down but the Liberal media did.

Sarah is not from Washington and neither is most of America. It is the John McCain doctrine were looking at now. All else is looking at your behind, thinking its your head, (we mean, brain)

All Democrats collectively sighed in unison upon the exhale of disbelief that Biden would mean victory in November. This is when the Democrats really started to worry, not when Palin came into view! Biden was a safe pick because anybody more dynamic for the times would have taken too much spotlight off of the top of the Democrat ticket. John McCain gave up the spotlight graciously and now all republicans, all Americans who want too... share it.

Liberals, Feminists and Democratic Hardliners are bruding...; "The DNC let us down they should have seen this coming. Their pick should have wOwoowed the world and energized the party."

It is like the Democrats chose rank and file over the trends of our day (that they themselves defined), defying the prose of "change" being espoused in eloquent non-substance tones of rhetoric. How could this happen?!

The Hollywood liberals could not have scripted a better screenplay. They thought they had the winning theme and score all wrapped up in their candidate for change. Obviously, they are trying to re-write the final scene. The economy is slapping everyone in the face. The candidates are hard pressed and equal in this issue.

The Democrats just did not think for a moment, that John McCain, so seemingly dull in approach, would come up with such a strong eleventh hour element of surprise. Knowing Mr. McCain there is more to come. The Phoenix is rising from the ashes.

John McCain is now the vigorous active element of change. Not by what he says but by what he has done... and what he is doing... Now.

All are surprised, McCain of course secretly celebrates his pick as one of the biggest political trumps in history. We know now the brightness of this choice in Sarah Palin is not enough to win the White House. We here at NewPort Arizona think that the future is great for all Americans and are re-assured in Governor Palin's mere existence in the Party.

The choice of Vice Presidential running mate has never made such an impact before. McCain is a strategically energized candidate and his "people" are the best. The Democrats have suddenly become uncertain.

Politics aside, We want McCain-Palin in the White House because of the extra boost we'll get from having our Arizona exposed so openly. There is not a better quality marketing point for the State of Arizona, unless you are an astronaut in the space shuttle looking at the Grand Canyon through a telescope broadcasting live to the world. It doesn't happen much, yet... Oh, oh,! ...Or we could host the Superbowl again.

John McCain lost; for us in Arizona, it is like missing the Superbowl. We miss the exposure every week! Our economy will thrive but more slowly now. We will be front running on the recovery, financially speaking if we can get some politics bringing us along. Or if by some miracle we can get the Cardinals in the Superbowl. One more game to win and we are there! GO CARDINALS!

It is Arizona's turn to be on the National Stage again. We are anyway but the exposure brings more business from aroung the world.

You can't beat our Fall/Winter/Spring weather!

We have an open door policy at NewPort Arizona. We hope you'll use it no matter what your politic, religion or independence is.

Thanks Mr. McCain for your bold courage in all you do and have done. It makes us feel secure, independent and forward thinking. As our Senator emeritus Keep our $dollars home. Please. Wisdom in politics? Its worth a try.

We Love Sarah Palin like the desert loves rain. When it rains here in Arizona it is truly a beautiful day!

John McCain

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