Alice Cooper
Legend from the Desert
AARP Member

Alice Cooper wrote songs, wore mascara and white makeup on stage and was a great outlet for rebellious teens in the 70's. Of course, even now when "School's out for summer" in this millenium; all accross America we get to enjoy hearing Mr. Cooper's ode to summer vacation. He was first known as Vincent Furnier. A very french last name.

"Schools out forever!" is his timeless lyric. This, for as long as we have children and school, will be chanted around the world at the end of spring, by all children young and old, and in perpetuity.

We are very sure that he was in love with his school system as a teen. Don't you think? This rock star went to Cortez High in North Phoenix. He actually started his career here by getting some band mates and imitating the Beatles at a talent show.


Today he is a mogul in the Phoenix community. He is a restaurateur. The restaurant is his name sake with the word town at the end. Most of the World knows this man's name.

Alice Cooperstown is the restaurant that provides a Marvelous BBQ "tent" at his hometown of Glendale, Arizona


-- City Celebrations. It beats the normal fastfood and Hot Dogs at these city "fair" type occasions.

He has kicked the alcohol demon in his life by taking up golf. He takes great solace in assisting others to lose their addictions too.

Vincent (forgive me sir) says he believes that being a good Christian is the toughest form of rebellion that there is. All other forms of rebellion are easy, says he. Christianity helps him to deal with his sobriety.

He lives in Phoenix today, He does commercials for radio and television. He is required to pay royalties to all of his band mates for the use of his stage name because it was their name collectively, like that of the bands known as Jethro Tull or Steeley Dan.

In General Mr. Cooper is very well liked by the Valley of the Sun and we embrace him as an ambassador of goodwill and hard common sense here at NewPort Arizona.

Alice Cooper a Famous Arizonan

Here is a man who could live anywhere in the world. His choice is Phoenix. Thanks man. How about you?

Alice Cooper to NewPort Arizona