The Phoenix Rises

By the time you get to Phoenix we'll be risin'... to meet you and show you the City that once was a very small town on the new frontier weathering the political and literal heat. Ready?

Phoenix, back home

For the Name's Sake
The name of our great city means "dark red" and refers to a mythical bird in Arabian folklore that died by fire and later rose to immortality from its own ashes.

We had a civilization of native people known as the Hohokam. They built 135 miles of canals in the deserts over a thousand years ago perhaps. The group disappeared and left only remnants of their existence and their canals. It is rumored that drought forced them to move away or they died because of the lack of water.

A Man named Jack Swilling in 1863, from Wickenberg, envisioned using these ancient canals and adding to them to create farms for crops, animals and people. While looking at the Valley from the White Tank mountains he explored the idea. Some of those envisioned farms became reality and are still producing here today.

His work in following through in his forethought, brought many people to the Valley of the Sun in fact because of his foresight they are still coming. Mr. Swilling wanted to call his little area of stewardship on earth Stonewall after the Confederate General.

Fate had another name in mind. A man named Darrell Duppa nicknamed "Lord" Darrell Duppa had pioneered the frontiers of the United States and her territories. He had been born in Paris, France and had come to settle the West landing in Prescott hoping settle there permanently. Prescott had been considered the Capital town of the Arizona Territory at one time. Lord Duppa was versed in 5 languages fluently, and very well read for a man in this part of the world at this time in history. He could quote shakespeare verbatim for hours.

Lord Darrell Duppa, mentioned in a meeting with the townsfolk who had already started farming, in the middle of a desert, the following: "A new city will spring Phoenix-like upon the ruins of a former civilization."

The name was implied, it rang true, eloquent, romantic, and classy to every body present and the name was penetrated the minds of the council. It became reality for a spot of earth once parched and wind blown infusing hope and inspiration for a future.

Phoenix Now>
The 5th largest city in the United States is ever growing our prospects for growth still. It is the 2nd largest city in the Western United States behind Los Angeles. The city itself has approximately 1.5 million people. It is the County Seat of Maricopa County and the Capital of the State of Arizona. There are towns/cities surrounding and incorportating the Valley of the Sun such as Tempe, (also named by Lord Darrell Duppa) Mesa, Glendale, Peoria, New River, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree, Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley, Goodyear, Avondale, Tolleson, Surprise, Chandler, Gilbert, Guadalupe, Queen Creek and Apache Junction.With these younger cities and towns the Metropolitan Phoenix is working on three to four million in population.

The Valley
One can find several mountain parks within its borders for hiking, pic nicking, or just enjoying the outdoors in the shade of a casita. The most prominent are Squaw Peak Mountain, Camelback Mountain, South Mountain, North Mountain and the Papago Mountains. Surrounding mountains are the Superstition Mountains, McDowell Mountains, South Mountain and the White Tank Mountains all creating the Valley of the Sun!

Phoenix is like any other major metropolitain city. It has all of the nationally famous restaurants and hotels. But there are still unique spots enjoyed by many. An example? The Duck and Decanter for lunch. It has much the feel of an immigrants shop from an earlier time period. The aroma of cheezes, coffees and bread permeate the sandwich shop. This place is frequented by business people and neighborhood locals who know about it. The Duck and Decanter has been in Phoenix for over 40 years.

Businesses seem to thrive in this desert metropolitain hot spot. It is great to see builders and restaurateurs start with tools and recipes and become huge employers and short term icons. There are so many entrepreneurs from clothing shops to high tech support systems catering to companies like Intel and Motorola

Most people in Arizona who are employed have another type of work that they do on the side that they have created or are passionate about. The biggest employer in the State is the State Government. The largest corporate employer in Phoenix is WalMart. The largest group of employed are the self-employed and the entrepreneurs.

Phoenix has entertainment centers like all great cities from comedy clubs and Concert halls. (Herberger Theater to the Cricket Pavillion.) Phoenix has hosted the Superbowl in the Cardnals Stadium (University of Phoenix Stadium) Even though it is in Glendale, Arizona.

Profesional Sports Entertainement in Phoenix begins with:

The FBR/Phoenix Open Golf

The Phx Suns Basketball.

The Arizona Cardinals Football

The Arizona Diamondbacks

The Phx Coyotes Hockey

The Phx Mercury Women's Basketball

The Arizona Sting LaCrosse

The Arizona Rattlers Arena Football

The Arizona Sahuaros Soccer

The greatest dynamic that we posess is our people. They virtually come from all over the world and do their very best to contribute their talents to the mainstream.

The stories that are heard from these people are at times amazing and other times just folksie and fun to hear. We have refugees here from Iraq and Bosnia and other areas of the world who have been afflicted by wars against their people.

We have old timers from around the country who can tell you all about the rodeo's of yesteryear and what it was like walkin' to school uphill both ways, in the snow, in the middle of the desert, dodging rattlesnakes and jumping cactus, with no air conditioning, only swamp coolers, chasing chickens for dinner after a full day of cotton farming.

In Phoenix, you see patriotism at every holiday, death of a soldier, and remembrance of an event in history. History does not seem so long ago here in the Valley of the Sun.

We can't possibly tell you about all the history, benefits and opportunities available here. Discovery is half the adventure. So come on over to our place. Make it your place. If you have an idea, try it out in the Valley of the Sun first. Chances are it will be welcomed and primed for success.

Call us we will help you get started.

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