The Grand Canyon State
The Largest Creation in the USA

The Grand Canyon State is visited by over one million visitors a year who come to its greatest tourism site. It would be blasphemy and completely anti good sense marketing for our Grand Canyon State to have any other nickname. Besides, perhaps, a mountain range or two somewhere, it is the single largest entity in the USA. Easily visible from space.

We could have been referred to as the "Valentine State" because we were given statehood on that day. But everyone would agree that we as a State, especially in 1912, were too rough around the edges to allow the Valentine appellation. It really would go better with Virginia or Louisiana.

The "Hottest State in the Union" would probably have fit without the Grand Canyon being here. California's Death Valley is probably hotter than Arizona. California beats us in the "Hot" equals popular and sexy too. Its a Hollywood thing yet the beauty here is a mix of all peoples, nationalities and states, temperatures and hotness.

We actually are sometimes referred to as the Copper State because we produce 50% to 80% of the copper for the United States and the rest of the world. But copper is a hidden industry whereas, we have no way to hide the Grand Canyon!

So, The Grand Canyon State it is!

If you are visiting Arizona and have never seen the greatest natural wonder in the world, then this is the most important site to see. Would you go to Egypt and not visit the Pyramids?

As far as copper goes, well, If you have a penny in your pocket or plumbing in a new house or even wiring... You have a piece of Arizona with you right now.

Most visitors do see the Grand Canyon. In fact, more visitors see the Grand Canyon than do the residents of Arizona every year. There are adult native Arizonans who have not yet seen the Grand Canyon.

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The Canyon is spectacular. It is almost impossible to get the entire experience in one day. If you can afford the time, spend at least a week-end there. You will want to come back. Some folks spend years discovering the vastness of the Canyon.

There are trails to hike which are very challenging.(Never go alone or without provisions if you are going to hike.) You can go camping on the Rims (North or South) of the Canyon. This is controlled by the Federal Government. It is a National Park.

If you ever have the opportunity take a river raft ride down the Colorado River. There are three to five day excursions and more if you want to go all the way from Near Lake Powell to Phantom Ranch to Lake Mead.

The Little Colorado is one of the most beautiful sights. It has calcium and phosporous in it water and it gives it the appearance of pale baby blue water and it drops into the Colorado River. If you didn't know it, the Colorado River is at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. According to theory it is the cause of this great hole in the ground.

There are several theories about how the "Gorge" came about. The most accepted theory is erosion over millions of years.

Our favorite website on the theories is right here. Engage! The only thing that we worry about is the Vulcanism theory verses the Volcanism theory. Vulcan was a Greek God of fire even from volcanos. So perhaps it ties in. It may just be a slight typo. (None of us have ever seen one of those.)

Live Long and Prosper. ('Had to say it. It's what we do here in Arizona.) Shalom.

Come and experience the Canyon yourself. We want you in a "Grand Canyon State of Mind". We'll be here when you need us.

' time to move yet?

Family, Business and Style, Come and stay for awhile.

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