Arizona Little Facts
Sprinkled With Opinion

Arizona Little Facts Part of the wonders of any place we live on our planet are the "little things" that very few folks really know about. These little unknowns make our lives unique. They help us to identify more with our habitat.

Warning: The Arizona Little Flavors may be spiced up, shaken and stirred. Nothin' fancy like, just a little info-tainment. Let's keep it alive! Better bone up for the next trivia match.

Arizona Little Facts take me back home

Our Arizona Territory was signed into existence by our 16th President and Commander in Chief. Abraham Lincoln.

Arizona is the 48th State of the United States of America.

State Bird: Cactus Wren

State Tree: Palo Verde

State Reptile: Arizona Ridgenosed Rattlesnake

State Flower: Saguaro Cactus Flower

State Flag: Thirteen stripes, copper star, sunset theme

State Motto: Ditat Deus "God Enriches"

State Nickname: The Grand Canyon State

State Capital: Phoenix

State Amphibian: The Arizona Tree Frog

State Fish: The Arizona Trout

State Insect: The two-tailed Swallow Tail (Butterfly)

State Gemstone: Turquoise

State Fossil: Petrified Wood

State Necktie: Bolo Tie

State Colors: Blue and Gold

State Critter: Ringtail "Cat"

State Population: Never too many

State Residents Nickname: Zonies

State Highest Mountain: Humphrey's Peak

State Borders: 5 States - 1 Country

State Rivers: Agua for all

State Mines: Metals and Minerals

State Lakes: Still Waters

State Colleges: Higher Educations

It is perhaps the little things that make the big things matter. Knowing about these things also can separate you from being considered a greenhorn, an outsider, a snowbird, or worse a tourist! (No offense intended. We love to poke fun. We're Locals you know!)

Arizona Little Facts provides the trivia but we decide which has meaning to us. It is a choice. Some will love the lakes others will want more snakes! Many Arizonans get hooked on these Little Facts and can't get enough. They can grow on ya!

If your are really wantin' the experience don't wait too long. It is always better to move here now. No, no pressure; just a memory jogger for

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