Still Waters...
Our Lakes Preserve Us

Newport Arizona loves the still waters in our beautiful State. All of our lakes have recreational uses. You can fish for bass or trout or Talapia and several other types of fish.

Almost all lakes will allow water skiing, sailing and Jet skiing. The state has become somewhat picky with proof of registration, insurance and proper tagging. Drinking and boating do not make the lake rangers happy. So if you are drinking don't captain the boat. Give it up to someone else who is not drinking at all.

The lake waters are never really still. They are constantly delivering and receiving water. The lakes store the water and animal wildlife, cattle, sheep and plants gather around the banks of most of these lakes. The animals usually do not want to be near humans so boating and hiking is a lot of fun. Bring a camera and you'll see plenty of wildlife if you keep an eye out for it.

Each of our lakes serve dual purposes in our deserts. Recreation is not the first priority. Providing water for the needs of our people and the state agriculture is. It gives more meaning to the words "still waters run deep"

We want to give you examples of lakes that are most poplular. Fishermen and skiing types are plentiful. Wake boards are quite the scene these days. But we will not give you every lake and reservoir. The game and fish department of Ariozna is very busy because of the lakes. Hunters like to know where the water is and the fisherman are focused on the best spot in each lake to catch that big one.

Newport Arizona's favorite lakes are Saguaro Lake, Roosevelt Lake, Canyon Lake, Lake Pleasant, Lake Havasu, Apache Lake, Lake Powell, Hawley Lake and so many more we could do a whole website just about Lakes in Arizona!

Some body already did

Lakes in Arizona

Still Waters