Arizona State Begins...
With A Hitch

State it how it really is! From it's first attempts, over 30 years had passed before Arizona was allowed by the Fedral Government to move toward the pre-requisites of joining the Union. It appears that the Federal Government enjoyed the control of our Territory and did not want to let go. Finally, after political climates were aligned with the will of the people; In 1910, the Territory of Arizona was granted authority by the Washington D.C. to draft its own Constitution.

During a two year period President William Howard Taft would not sign the act of congress for Arizona's inclusion to the United States. He insisted that Arizona agree to remove from it's constitution that Judges could be removed by recall. This did create some old fashioned Arizona dust kicking.

The State Becomes Arizona

Arizona finally acquiesced to this demand with a smile on its face and a card up its sleeve. President Taft then pridefully signed off on the Arizona Act admitting it to the United States on February 14, 1912. He had just done that 8 days earlier for our sister territory, New Mexico.

President Taft wired the news to the officials in Phoenix satisfied that he had wielded some strong political muscle and influence that would benefit Arizona and President Taft's marks on history. He never intended it to be a Valentine's gift.

So what's the Hitch you say? Read on, curious friends.

Governor George Hunt was inaugurated. As soon as was it became possible, Governor Hunt called the Arizona legislature together to do three things.

1) Assemble for the first time. This first Arizona legislative session would accomplish two major items on the agenda with full statehood authority.

a)The legisltature led by the Governer ammended the Arizona Constitution to allow the removal of judges by recall of the people, and

b)gave women the right to vote.

If only we could have heard the words of President Taft when he caught wind of the subordination. Subjection to federal whim was over. As part of the Union we exercised full authority to be independent within the law. Washington was powerless to circumvent the power given to its 48th addition to the U.S.A. State's Rights never looked so good.

We were known as the last of the Continental United States.

That spirit of freedom still rides here today. Come and be a part of it. This is part and parcel to Arizona Little Facts. It is who we are!

The Valentine State could have been our nickname. Being that Valentines Day is Celebrated on the anniversary date of when we became a State February 14th.