Turquoise So Blue

Turquoise is french which means that(matter, person, animal or thing feminin) which is from Turkey. Of course, in english we refer to this as being a type of gemstone. It is actually hydrated copper aluminum phosphate.

This gem has been valued since the dawn of civilization. It has a history clear back to Egypt around 6,000 years ago. The color is usually considered blue but it can be greenish blue or even uniquely green or uniquely blue. It always has some veins of what appear to be lines of copper brown mingled throught the stone.

Please be aware that this stone is copied and made by man to sell to the unsuspecting. Always ask for the genuine stone. So if it is too cheap when you are about to buy it, just know it may not be real. Many native American's sell the gems in silver or silver like settings, rings and mountings.

It is said that Arizona/New Mexico have the greatest natural specimen of this gem in the world. Iran, is known to have a large quantity, as well. It can be harvested in many different areas of the world. It seems to never go out of style.

Turquoise to facts, Over.