Autism Your Oughtism

Autism is a very beautiful character rendition that some are blessed with. Many are baffled by it and even devastated by its prospects once handed a diagnosis. Few are able to fully harmonize with it. We OUGHT too!

If you are here because you or someone you know struggles with their children because of this disorder, WELCOME. We have created an Elite Team (actually a small company)of providers that are ready to help you or your someone cope and receive unmatched support. We believe in small miracles. We believe in you and your child. Arizona is an exceptional place for those with disabilities for so many reasons. Here is one of them. Please check it out. Here is the LINK.

Accent on Family

The key to dealing with this wonderful character trait is to know that it is safe for the most part. Accent on Family does not like to be mechanical or clinical. The issue is not profit and bottom line motivations. We feel that those follow naturally with greatness given through service.

The focus is passion to help you feel freedom in your voyage with this disposition. YOU can. Autism does not mean a life of servitude. Those with Autism have very special talents that need to be brought forth and intermingled with our community. This is always a work of love.

Debbie Belnap will help you maximize the content of your hours awarded for your child through DDD (The Arizona Department of Developmental Disabilities). She will counsel with you to help tweek goals and meet the purposes of an ISP.

This is truly a focus for family. Here actions are spoken louder than words!

Do not hesitate to try her company and approach FIRST. Accent on Family Care Services is contracted with the State of Arizona to co-ordinate providers. Each provider is screened and given training to do this work with compassion and great care. Each provider assists and works for the benefit of the parents in being able to help parent and child find a long term life style that is meaningful. Useful acquired skills can be obtained in this environment.

Under the direction of Debbie Belnap many children have been so well matched with providers (under parental approval)that when a provider has to miss a day or be re-assigned the word is often, "I feel a great loss" spoken from the provider and the parents. Debbie's goals and tasks seem warm, natural and promising; Not mechanical, clinical and cold making results more rewarding when acheived.

Please learn what you can about Accent on Family. There is so much to to do. Debbie Belnap helps you do it. Your passions, desires and ideas are always respected and integrated into the service. You really can't go wrong.

Autism, its spectrum of behaviors, and many other disabilities can become great strengths. With natural parental instincts constant, potential successes are imminent.

She cares more, Plain and simple. Check her website. Begin again. You will be thrilled and so will Ms. Belnap.

Autism Equals Getting Better All The Time.

Society is sprinkled with this unusual distinction amongst the members of its population here in Arizona and around the world.

Dealing with Autism is sometimes an attitude adjustment for parents, family and friends. Not addressing it can take some fun out of life.

Many people who are ignorant about the troubles with a disabled child will blame behaviors of that child on parents, family dynamics and lack of training. It is not true. The blame is misplaced.

The people with this philosophy are living in the '50s. Believe in yourself and your child.

Find your way. Great men and women are doing great things within the spectrum of their disabledness. Those who are severly disabled can upgrade the lives of those who are serving them.

Children today are thrust upon with options and choices that prior generations have not had. Children K-12 are the products of the choices they make just like adults are in todays world.

The influence of Parents on their children is cognatively put to the side and ignored by their children. Not always but moreso than ever in history in our humble opinion.

Arizona has services which can help parents, guardians and friends work in sync with autistic (or behaviorally challenged)children.

We are passionate about this at

Please vistit the Link to Accent on Family.
Depending on your need to know on this and other disabilities we are providing this link to benefit your search for understanding and active ways to blend your talents with what you know or are about to learn.

Because we as humans think ourselves to be normal; we forget that almost everyone else may feel the same.

Perhaps, Those of us who feel un-normal are destined to do great things. Make it so.

Debbie's direct line is 480.518-2285. Interview her. You'll be glad you did.

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