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Arizona Health is the primary freedom we all wish we had! Here at NewPort Arizona we think we have the market cornered on health as compared to the rest of the World. Arizona = Health. Period.

Historically, people have been sent to Arizona by doctors from all over the world so;

a. People could keep the warmth of climate.

b. Avoid allergins.

c. Fight tuberculosis.

d. Fight depression.

e. Get sun on their bodies. Vitamin D (year 'round)

f. Lots of time for moving the body! Excersise.

Most everyone who comes here says they feel better almost right away. This is a major reason to move here!

If you want to be cold you have to wait for winter (We usually call winter spring here) and then shed your clothes down to your boxers, panties and other various forms of knickers, (Thongs and bikinis... You might just as well be naked) until you have unlayered enough to get cool.

If you need to warm up, you just take a jog or walk or hike, put on some more layers of clothes starting with hats and socks and shoes. Or you just wait til March when the days average 75 to 85 degrees farenheit. It is beautiful!

This is perfect for a baseline of health. Most Arizonans young and old are healthier here than they would be anywhere else in our world. This is the place to improve health and make a change in your life. If you are diabetic for instance. You would be a healthier diabetic here. If you have asthma you would be happier and healthier having asthma here than anywhere else in the world. Even though both of those diseases are not beneficial to anyone being happy, Arizona's environment is. If you are receiving treatment visit us and see if it makes a difference. Of course, Home is always a better place to be if you are too sick to be treated. Arizona, can't substitute for home in that case.

There is no research on this just our opinion based on our observations. The Rich and Famous seem to come here to Arizona to make the best of what they have left in life to live it as comfortably and the most healthy that they can. Linda McCartney, Amanda Blake, Johnny Carsen's parents, Billy Preston and many others.

We here at NewPort Arizona have found several things that support better health, reversal of symptoms of bad health and protections maintaining future good health. We want to share these things with you.

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