East Valley Cities

East Valley Cities consist of





Apache Junction

Queen Creek

Anywhere in Arizona, because of the small poplulation of the state, If you mention the East Valley almost everyone knows you mean East Maricopa County cities.

At one time, there was talk about this area becoming its own county. It was very sparsley poplulated back then but the foresight of some envisioned huge populations filling the East Valley and developers thriving. And 25 years later it is bulging at its borders.

The community is active and vibrant and filled with bike paths, horses, incredible homes, wonderful parks, shopping, soccer, pop warner football, absolutely beautiful libraries, public pools, and so much more.

Many Work centers are found in the East Valley providing jobs and services.

Just a Heads up, we will say similar things about each city in the Great State of Ariona. We feel each city and town are great in their own distinct way.

There is some grief in watching the uniqueness of a thriving city disipate. It happens around the world.

Malls and retail centers seem to follow the same format. So if I am in St. Louis and I pull up to a Wal*Mart, I'll know that the Wall*Mart is set up the same way it is in Phoenix (most likely) and the neighboring retail areas are going to have a circuit city close by.

This is kind of like traveling to Europe and finding a small unique country town and eating at McDonalds while you are there!

Hopefully, developers are seeing this awful trend and can fix it to some degree. Some monetarily successful formats are next to impossible to change.

Most of us buy diamonds for our fiancees and most of us always have turkey for Thanksgiving. This is usually a good thing.

However, these practices did not start out as historical traditions, it was a marketing format and monetarily successful strategy that our grandparents got caught up in. Now. it is somewhat traditional.

East Valley Cities