Gilbert Arizona

Gilbert Arizona is one of the very best cities, that thinks its a Town, in Arizona. The community works hard to have a very competitive life style and home town environment.

This use to be a very small town filled with farm people, horse people, and country life. It somehow has kept that country feel yet is in full swing with the 21st Century.

This great city is now a municipality of 250,000 people with very well planned residential communities with commercial and industrial areas accenting the city, not dominating it.

The ironic thing about Gilbert is they call themselves a Town and are incorporated as a town. It is the Town of Gilbert.

The schools in Gilbert are very competitive in sports and academics. Gilbert High has one of the most excellent football coaches in Arizona Histroy in Coach Jesse Parker .

Educators are very aggressive in being aware of the need to keep the Students sharp and the parents informed. There is a good balance of effective stewardship in the educational needs of the community.

Gilbert is ever growing in population and business centers.

It hosts one of the most beautiful County Libraries in Maricopa County. Gilbert has a sports center that is second to none. It is like a city sponsored health spa and gym.

We love selling property in Gilbert. We know people will get a great deal just from being a part of the Gilbert lifestyle but the Town's leaders and citizens are very careful to keep the modern benefits available while slowly managing growth.

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Gilbert Arizona