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We are the primary sponsors, producers and affiliates of NewPort Arizona. We hope you are enjoying this site. The four sponsors are all networked with one another. We are privately held by the same people through family and professional relationships. Laguna Enterprise Real Estate and Investment, Accent On Family Care Services, A Marcus Mortgage , and Arizona Fine Health . We cover much more than Real Estate as you have already discovered. We have several interests that we want to share. Not to mention building a great and successful web site. This is the perfect medium to do it all! Our niche is people. We find ways to serve people. We do it all from NewPort Arizona. We hope you will too!

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Real Estate and Financing work together. Health and Autism can be complimentary too. We will make sense of it all. Stick with us. Start from right here.

We hope to have earned your trust. All of us have a lot we want to say. When you live through some things you become very focused on how you dealt with those "somethings". There is great satisfaction from sharing them. Especially if people use those somethings to their benefit, like we did.

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