Do Now ...
What You Didn't Before.

What's getting us down? It's the Economy. Don't feel stupid! What'll we do Now? Stop listening to all the political rhetoric, newsprint media, television media news and other forms of feel bad information.

If you have to listen, just don't believe most of it. It'll stunt your growth or shrink your hopes. Move on. Let's divert.


The first thing to do now... do not panic. Number One. We highly recommend that you learn to jog or stretch, discover yoga or go to the gym.

Do get your 6 to 8 hours of sleep, but not any more than that. Less than 6 hours will make you sluggish and more than 8 hours will fog your mind and want for more sleep!

The easy part is saying o. k., the hard part is to GO DO IT! Start today or do now. We'll be here when you get back. Things are better than they seem. Jog it off.

This will clear your mind and relieve you of the numbings of stress. Stress affects our nervous systems.

When we find ourselves frozen in time doing nothing except worrying and begetting more stress the body needs an outlet to relieve the energy and adrenaline.

So if you find yourself unable to work, for example, go climb a mountain. Your body and it's nervous system will thank you and you will be temporarily destressed. Go and do now.

You can do now anything you put your mind and commitment to do now. Even if you do not get immediate results. Try again and again and again. Don't stop. Do now.

Some people have so much stress they have been running to the bathroom two and three extra times a day! This is also a temporary destressor.

The positive note is that they are losing weight! It's a do now thing. They are feeling better physically and getting more aggressive in acquiring that survival dollar.

Take vitamin supplements every day, breathe deep and exhale slowly; often and all day. Do now the dream.

Sing a song, write a story or a verse or a whole book. Play a musical instrument that you have put away for decades. Or divert your focus to learning a new instrument. Go and do now.

Listen to music that is up beat or soothing. Find lyrics that make you smile, laugh, ponder, or set you in the mood for love, intimacy, a good cry, hope and faith. Do it now.

Find someone to serve. They are everywhere. The man without shoes was bitter until he saw another man with no feet.

Ride your bike. You have one, you know you do... somewhere.

Take a class in a junior college or anywhere and finish it.

Throw away the Newspaper and do not watch mind numbing T. V. but especially the News. Shows about murder and sex and deceit will only dampen your mood. Avoid those things which may encourage self-defeating behaviors and cause depression.

Find a place to have a good laugh. Laugh about something truly funny and humorous. In fact, stop reading this and just try to laugh for no reason... Do Now.

There was once a big moron sitting on a roof with a little moron. The big one fell off, Why didn't the other one fall off?


Choose to avoid, dirty, crass, and ugly humor because this type of humor doesn't heal. Time plus tragedy equals humor. Time + tragedy = humor. Read a good book or watch a funny DVD but make sure you can laugh in harmony with good will. If you were to read a book about Abraham Lincoln you would find out that he found ways to be humorous and laugh at troubles around him.

There is a great comedian out there that has great talent in making you laugh his name is Brian Regan.

Bill Cosby can make you laugh about safe things without offending the good in you. There is humor here at NewPort Arizona we hope you'll search us out.

Laughter heals and can sustain you and bring you back to the energies of childhood. Go for it. Do Now!

After all of this take about an hour for what we call the reality check list. In other words make a list of all the things that are getting you down. Then when your done get another list going on how to solve the problem. On this list put three options you have to get it solved even if you don't think you can solve it, write down how you would like to solve it if you could, how others might solve it and how "the system wants it solved.

Writing this all down keeps you responsible for your need to process and getting out of the circles you are walking in. They also become potential formats to plan a strategy out of the rat race. Goals to live by... Do Now.

PLEASE DON'T BE: Drinking alcohol, driving under the influence, having occasional recreational deviations with drugs, contentious arguing, viewing pornography, wallowing in self pity and depression. These are all symptoms, of one another. They are evil cousins. The will destroy you if you allow them to visit.

These are ways to self defeating. They can become perpetual cousins of doubt and misery. Leave them.

Smile. Go to the park and feed the ducks and watch some kids who play with no weight on their shoulders... no emotional reasonings that cause hurtful pain from within.

Be like them in what ever you do. The key is to DO NOW anything that is right and good.

Now, once you have managed to budget time for these things, take time to evaluate what is most important.

Do not do only important things to you, or to your significant other. Broaden your view. What are the most important "big picture" items for you to do now. Make a list and prioritize it.

See beyond yourself otherwise you improve very little.

Spend time with family. Express your fears. Plan together to stick out the economic hardships no matter what happens. Help other who are in your same boat or who are in a worse situation than you are. They are out there in abundance. Find a way to them.

Do not find excuses to break family commitments, like marriage or the disowning of a family member. This is a horrible and negative choice. Resolve personal relationship hardships. Embrace, envision and work at it. Harmony is a precious art we have lost in our world. Team efforts win. In every conversation make sure that all parties feel acknowledge and come together right now. Win together or you could lose it all.

Resolve to stay committed to things which matter most. For us it is family, even though family is on the verge of disintegration with negative stresses. Fight through them with all your energies.

This is the time to pull together and become closer to one another. Pride is the enemy of Unity. Pride is a natural characteristic of people. But it is like breathing, you can inflate it or you can keep it shallow and slow. It virtually never completely goes away in most people.

Pride in keeping good things working can be a good thing if you don't let it negatively inflate the ego when the good works, thoughts and plans bring success.

Some folks need counseling. Most who do ignore the need. If you couldn't get rid of your rash you would eventually go to seek medical treatment.

If you find yourself crying often or every day, arguing every day, feeling sorry about things every day... Call your best freind and talk about it. Some of our best freinds are our parents, a brother or sister, a cousin or aunt or uncle.

Grandparents are extreme sources of experience. Sometimes a son or daughter can have incredible, even miraculous insights. They are struggling too. Their advice is also more poignant, caring and emotionally rewarding and uplifting. Best of all it is FREE economically. You may have to be there for them one day or right now. It helps to talk everything out even the very most little things.

Religious leaders are very helpful and can often help you discover the greatness of good you are hiding within. Powers to overcome trouble are often masked by the way we think about them. What you think about is what you bring about. But we need to put all pride away and ask for help. What are you waiting for? Do Now.

A professional counselor is definitely helpful if you can afford one and can feel a trust in the sessions. It takes months to work out issues this way but many times it is good to "unload" every week or month if you can afford it. Some issues you can't handle by yourself. Use wisdom to discern this or listen to one of your family members about those issue. If there are continued thoughts of suicide, or drinking binges or worse yet drug binges or extra-marital excursions... Find a professional no matter what the cost. Do Now!

As a man/woman thinketh, so is he/she. Almost every doctrine out there will have a similar statement. From China and India to all of Europe, Judea and the Americas, Africa and all the places in between... Each have these words within their cultures, common sense, spiritual and even practical and legal dogmas. Because it is true.

Think about where you are and how you want to be somewhere else better. It may not happen exactly how you envision. It could be better than what you ever imagined or it could be just so much better than where you are now. The point is: Think about better and better comes as you work at it. If you are not willing to work at what you think about it doesn't ever happen.

What goes down, must come up... but come together first if you can. Yes you can!

Examine your feelings about God. Talk to Him. Realize that if you do not believe in God... it doesn't matter. He still believes in you.

Money is just money. Bankruptcy is never necessary. It is a convenience in our society. It is a form of release of responsibility and some stress. It is a very vital tool. Don't be afraid to use it if you need too. Do so SPARINGLY.

You will always feel better paying your bills if you can. Or Settling them. But if you can't find your way out. File Bankruptcy take a deep breath and release. Start over again. It feels great. There are always consequences but the relief is well worth it. Freedom is what we live for. ...And good health. You can't have one without the other.

Filing bankruptcy gives you the opportunity to take control of how you will pay your debtors back. Instead of falling prey to their devices.

Many make it a point to only pay principal back and ignore the interest, penalties and late charges.

Creditors in most markets are grateful to receive this and will negotiate with you. If they do not negotiate you tell them that this is all you can do now.

Then proceed on your own schedule and commitment even if creditors don't want it that way. Eventually, you will have them paid to your satisfaction. This is more important.

Politely tell them you are finished at that point and move on. Even if the credit stays hammered and ugly. Take your own stance as to what is right and enough.

If some creditors/collectors get nasty, unethical and send collection hounds continuously by mail or telephone; decide whether or not they are worth paying period. Much of what they do is against the law. There is very little you as an individual alone can do about it.

Now to pay off credit card debt it is very simple. Ignore all of your credit card debt except the smallest amount due on one card.(If you can make minimum payments on other cards then do that, if you can't focus on one debtor at a time.)

Budget to pay as much of the balance off as you can each and every month. So if you can afford to pay $100.00 a month and you have 18,000.00 in total principal debt; If one card is only $300.00 pay it off in three months.

Then find another small balance card and pay it off in the same manner, say $2000.00. In 20 months you'll have it paid off. Then you'll only have $15,700.00 left to pay.

As you get more comfortable, confident and free; you can add an extra amount of principal every month if you like.

Stop worrying about your credit rating. Once your balances show as "paid collections" or "settled" your credit score will soar instead of causing you to feel sore.

Life is good. It may take some patience and ingenuity but you can do it. The laws of sacrifice are most definitely in play here. Be willing to give up a little at a time and be consistant and this will all get better.

You can negotiate settlements if you like. Any difference that you don't pay has to be reported as income and you must prepare your taxes with it. But if you are like most the tax should be minimal as compared to the debt. Just be sure to pay any tax on it because you do not want more hassels to deal with in the freedom years ahead.

It may be better to choose how much you will pay your creditor and proceed from there.

If there is still a balance due because of late fees and charges of over the limit etc., they may still ding your credit so eventually you'll need to negotiate this as well or ignore it all together. Eventually the debt will be so old that it will fall from the credit records (usually seven to ten years).

If you ignore it there are several things they will fight you with. One is the Credit, second is the continued harrassment, and three they can follow through legally and take it to court for a judgement. This is rare but it does happen. Usually, it will only show an open collection on your credit report. This is why you should settle (if you can)before you start making payments on your own schedule. But if all the creditor is fighting for is the late fees and over limit charges they may decide its too risky to go afte a default judgement.

Get all agreements for settlement in writing from the Creditor/Collector before you pay one Arizona Copper Penny.

Homes become houses when you are about to lose them. If foreclosure is at your door call the lender and plead with them to MODIFY your note.

Another tactic: Try to sell your house at market value. If you do not or can not get enough for your house ask the lender to take a short sale or again modify.

Pray for help

KNOW THAT EVERYONE IS AFFECTED BY THE 2008/2009 ECONOMY. IT IS NOT JUST YOU. Very rich people have tumbled to nothing and are not able to pay their bills. On the other hand, very poor people are confident that they can still make it. So can you. Its all attitude and your will to proceed.

Other ideas to do now? Keep some cash in your home. Make sure the denominations are ones and fives and maybe some tens and twentys. Get $100.00 of quarters in rolls and keep it at home.

Don't go buy a gun unless you plan to learn how to use it and do it now. Commit to keeping it in a locked safe away from children and loved ones. Use common sense.

Most of us do not need guns in our society. However, keeping guns and ammonition is not a bad thing to do now.

If our struggles ever got really bad; hunting would become a way of survival and having the guns and ammo available, in storage, would definitely be very smart.

Guns for protection from others is a rare happenstance in our current society. Let's keep it that way.

Get a 72 hour survival kit. We recommend acquiring a year's supply of food.

Here is some encouraging news!

10 percent unemployment means 90% are employed!

25% foreclosure rates means you have 75% keeping their houses somehow, someway and making the payments.

Global warming means you can keep your clothes off longer, not use as much oil to stay warm and enjoy outdoor activities longer (remember the sunscreen).

Banks are closing but many more are staying open many more will start up anew.

If you have liquid cash, now is the time to buy real estate.

If you have a 401k or an IRA it may be time to re=evaluate how you use them. Make them self directed. Diversify into real estate using 10 to 30% of your portfolio. This is a do now priority.

Do real estate hunting within these vehicles. Buy some gold and let the stock market keep 10 to 25% of your portfolio. Bring home as much cash as you can stash and not lose it.

Using the IRA, you'll amass a fortune and not pay taxes until age 70.5 If you divert money into a Roth self directed IRA you could amass great wealth and pay no taxes when it matures.

Einstein said; "...nothing happens until something moves." Make sure you decide to move and avoid hours before a mind stealing television set. Move so something can happen. This is making it DO NOW!

"Yes can do" is the best way to feel but it is also an energetic base for enthusiasm and passion for future shaping events in your life. Don't stop now... Yes can do now!

More to come.

Do Now