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There is a set of sun dried thoughts that good folks have after they come and stay in Arizona for awhile. This IS the short list.

a) Why in the Samuel's Hill (Sam Hill)did I wait so dad blame long to do this?

b) Why am I smilin'? Can it be the Sunshine?

c) Ain't it just like a good friend of mine to kick me from behind? She moved here First.

d) Standin' on a corner in Winslow, Arizona is such a fine sight to see, take it easy.

e) There are still kicks on Route 66, not much else but certainly kicks. Flagstaff, Winona, Kingman.

f) About May... Why did I not get air conditioning with my car?. (Desert Dwellers only.)

g) Arizona has Beaches? Mountains? Snow Skiing? Golf? Oh yes, the Golf. Where's Tiger when you need him?

I) Wow, when it rains here everybody is happy! Tucson is happy for Flagstaff, Sedona for Phoenix and so it goes...

H) The weather man here has a cush job.

J) Why did that chainsaw magnate put the London Bridge on the Colorado River? Was he Daft?

K) Mexican Food. Darling, your getting fat.

L) They told me to go see the GRAND Canyon over the whole weekend, so I could take it all in... Very Funny.

m) Oh, Tombstone has nothing to do with the Pizza. O.K. Corral yes, nice cowpie, not for human consumption.

n) Christmas is a tanning day?

o) I saw a monk praying on Camelback Mountain? I had to pause, I was in Paradise Valley.

p) Scottsdale, Scarsdale, Beverly Hills, Carefree, Cave Creek equals shopping highs. That's Hot!

q) Suns, Cardinals, Diamondbacks; If they played each other in any sport, these days, they'd be so much more entertaining, oh well, there is always next year and the next etc.

r) Well, OK. It is next year already! The Cardinals have become a Cinderella underdog type team... Has anyone seen my super bowl? It may crash into the pit burg, Yea, but right now, I am flying higher than an eagle... Can you say Fitzgerald? Warner, James, How about Bouquin?

Have more? Please comment them in. Sign up at the contact us button today. We hope you'll become a long term contributor to the Pony Express even after you're living here. We'll never make you muck out a stall.

We want you to feel welcome. "Southern Hospitality", modified... Southwestern... we are different.

We'll make attempts at humor to keep this fun. Our priority is to get you to move here, stay here and move up as fate will allow.

Our local economy wants you! We want to earn enough trust that we can be your directive to find the right product or service in the whole state of Arizona.

We are sponsored by Laguna Enterprise Real Estate and Investment. All services provided are fully licensed in the State of Arizona if the service is required to be licensed.

We pride ourselves in having interest in people. We are of the distinct impression that we are better off with you here than over there.

We are so much more than a Real Estate promotion factory. Most people do not move here on first impulse.

Our goal (our ultimate design) as NewPort Arizona is to keep those impulses alive.

Eventuallly, we hope you will find you can't live without us. We want to share what we have.

This works better than a news letter. You can really enjoy Arizona and never have to visit, oh but you will. Right? Right?

So make your move... brighten your load. Know we are here waiting for as long as it takes. Are we there yet?

This site will cover many topics concerning life here in Arizona. (Not all topics, but many) We know Arizona.

What we don't know, we reckon we're about to find out.

Now, We hope ya won't get yerself too persnikity when you read our under toned accents. Shiute, we don't always talk lie' 'kat. Mostly never. Its just to keep yer attention. We want yer o-pinions and we're asking ya to leave 'em here before you go out that door.

Just don't "click away" too soon, It is highly likely that you'll miss something.

The State of Arizona is filled with things to do. Go solo or duo or the whole family - oh.

You could take a day's excursion every week and go back in history. The Arizona Science Center captures the curious, the technical, and the intellectual natures in you.

There are incredible wildlife zoos with tigers, giraffes and even penguins. Kids love these desert zoos!

Nothing too showy. We are an internantional state. It is not uncommon to hear The Bosnian folks talking to the check out clerk at Home Depot or meeting a French couple trying out the Mexican Food. Bon apetit(First timers beware). The Germans are always yodeling at the Grand Canyon for the echoing effects. Canadians are what we call Snowbirds. Anybody who comes here to escape the freezes of Winter are Snowbirds.

We have every kind of school for those of you trying to be moved to higher plains of knowledge, understanding, skill, and lifestyle. -- Come early and leave as late as you want. You'll be glad you did. Fill up your senses here in Arizona. Feel the Freedom.

Whenever it rains here, it really is a great day!

13 is my favorite number like today!


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