My Home... Arizona

by Jack

I have always lived in Arizona and all my childhood, adolescence and youth memories are of this wonderful state I call 'home'.

Arizona. So much beauty. The 'Grand Canyon State' is one of the most popular tourist states in America. People come from all over the world to see this natural wonder of the world. An estimated one million visit the Grand Canyon every year. That's quite an impressive number, if I say so to myself!

Even though I have lived here all my life, I have gone to see the canyon probably ten times or so. But, every time I have been there, I have been mesmerized by its enormity and splendor. It usually happens that the closer you live to something special, the less you go to visit it. This probably happens because we are at ease that we can view it whenever we desire or maybe we just start taking it for granted. In my case, it was the lack of time and the fact that I knew it would always be there for me to feast my eyes!

Why should you consider Arizona?

Arizona is also known for its high percentage of copper. It provides copper to the whole of America and even other countries of the world.

The people who have lived in Arizona never want to leave. It just emits that kind of charm, a hypnotizing effect that makes you want to stay put forever.

The weather is quite hot and it's ideal for people who love the sun. There is lots of hustle bustle and the place is always swarming with excited visitors who come to see the amazing Grand Canyon, among other things.

It is known to be the most 'move in' kind of state. People are shifting to Arizona all the time. Investments are high and lucrative. People get handsome returns for their money and thus are lured into moving here.

In short, Arizona is an excellent choice for starting a new beginning, full of countless opportunities and investment options.

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