The Truth Behind All Motivations,
Acts and Reward..

If you are a Renter; the idea of achieving the "American Dream" as a level of freedom is over rated. It is like the custom of having turkey at thanksgiving or a diamond with an engagement/wedding ring. These are all social requisites. But weren't meant to be essential to life. Many times because of these social requisites we lose sight of the practicalness of these things and indulge because of the pressure of peers.

If you are getting a loan to buy a house that would crush your financial ability to purchase food and medication and a night out on the town once a month... You become a slave to that loan. A strain on life. It becomes a struggle for liberation on another day.

It is a choice you made, just know that the choice is where freedom stopped for a moment because there are always consequences to our choices. Some are good others are horribly bad. Is t ever achieved? To be free that is. It is the natural ambition of everyone on earth. It is a people thing for the most part. It is only the evolving foundation of hard work and the basic craving of humans to augment and upgrade their current individually perceived state of being.

From the moment we enter this world we are leaving a place that is restrictive yet has been a comfort spot and a developmental home.

However, this state of being becomes too binding after months of growth. Both mother and child seek relief from the incredible constraints and consequences of a choice made prior to gestation.

The only way to find alleviation is by the natural sacrifices, sometimes life threatening, available by the Ultimate expressions of Freedom. We call it birth.

Perhaps we are engaged, metaphorically, in this same process every day for the rest of our lives. While we had little to do with our own conception, Every day we make choices which will again bind us to one action or another. Sometimes the choice is made for us. Making no choice is an act of choosing.

Eventually, we must find a way to carry out a choice to move on to the next phase or learning experience so that we may enhance our liberty. Does the Truth set you free? It certainly helps you make better choices. Knowledge, education and the use of these, increase freedoms in this mortal estate.

Sweet surrender. Giving in gives a feeling of freedom. So does fighting for what you believe in. Ironic isn't it?

Finding a cause to be free in is perhaps the what we all do. We all can't be the fireman, the doctor, the store clerk, the gatekeeper at Dineyland, the surfer dude on the beach, the rockstar,that we all wanted to be as children; because this type of freedom would mean that we would need several lives to accomplish it.

Freedom comes with great sacrifice and cost. It is not free. It must be purchased and maintained but it never allows for stopping to enjoy it. Acknowledgment of its presence is evidence that it may be fleeting. The moment one stops to watch, freedom wilts.

The want for liberty is the underlying need of all human existence. It is not just a right. It is a living process within us. A part of our make up, our DNA. An inalienable right to seek liberty is so imbedded in all humans we sacrifice much trying to capture it or find a semblance of it.

Many take factory jobs when they should choose school and become a Nurse, a historian or dance instructor. If we find fullfillment and happiness in what we do we are free.

It is natural and powerful to seek freedom but we never quite acheive it as a destination. It is a continuous journey.

Getting what you want may feel like freedom but after awhile the inate desire requires more. There is not enough time to be and get all that you want. Each choice you make is free.

The result of your choices is captivating. Forbidding you to make other choices when you want too.

This can all be a mind game sending you in circles. But if you think about it you can create a balance and self augment with planning to a next level.

We have the are free to do the debate team in high school or join the concert choir or some extra curricular activity. Each choice restricts future choices but increases potential for greater experience later in life.

College restricts but gives more opportunity for more money in your career.

Getting married can provide two incomes, and relieve one from the "dating war games" but does not allow for more individualized social interaction with the opposite sex.

Buying a house gets you out of the rental rules but puts you into full responsibility for your water, sewer, trash and house and lawn maintenance. Here you are considered "Settled Down"

Having children gives you a whole new perspective on life. No one would call this a liberation in life until you are much older in life and those children serve you at there own will.

Religions restrict us and we try to convince ourselves that they make us more free. An individual's belief in God or lack of belief in God sets no one free really. The good works that are done because of well intended motivations make one experience good will.

Being able to think about anything and everything is Freedom. Being able to be financially blessed can give a semblance of liberty but can actually set you up for unwanted constraints. Liberties of speach in the world are being diminished by politics.

Choice is always free if you are willing to accept the consequence of a choice.

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