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As a Real Estate Company, Laguna Enterprise Real Estate and Investment feels that our prosperity is directly related to your prosperity. We are happy to sponsor and be the "go to" preferred Real Estate broker for NewPort Arizona.






Contact us via NewPort Arizona we will respond usually within minutes but not later than 24 hours.

We want to assist you in obtaining that tenant of the American dream dealing with real estate acquisition.

Of course, the most exciting part is the exiting of real estate ownership. Exiting is where the money is usually made, not in the acquiring of property. Yet, one still needs to plan the Exit upon purchase.

This web adventure is as important to us as making a sale or obtaining a listing. Realtor's are unique people. They have extreme interests in people.

The profession lends itself to people who like to serve the community and like to make as much money as one can.

We have been in business since 1975. We bought our first house that year and broke even when we sold it, after fixing it up!

It was a great learning experience.

We have seen markets come and markets go. Real Estate Review It is very hard to believe that we seem to be repeating 1987 through 1992 here in 2006 through 2009.

We expect 2009 will finish the falling out. 2010 will begin to recover and 2011 and 2012 we will start to see a significant and profitable market place. This begs the question this time...

So What Went Wrong?

The average Arizona Realtor makes just under $28,000.00 of income.

Statistical rumor implies that the top five percent of Real Estate Agents do 80% of all the sales in Arizona.

We are not your average real estate agent. We are not interested in awards and getting every sale.

We do not want you to think the other guy can't measure up in some way.

There is room for everybody who wants to work. It is more true than theory that the market place dynamics determine sales and Real Estate professionals do not.

We do each facilitate the process in our own individual ways but this does not thwart, hinder or surprise the market. There are several third parties that determine a quick and effective transaction.

These all need to be co-ordinated. Active real estate agents make it happen and help you avoid costly changes. If re-negotiation of a part of the contract is needed we as seasoned professionals want to help.

We serve each client's need, one at a time, hoping to earn a referral or repeat business. That's our strategy for winning.

Every real estate agent or Realtor, it seems wants to impress you that we are each different and can serve you better. At Laguna Enterprise, we say that almost all active Realtors or real estate agents will put their heart and soul into helping you get the very best.

We believe this so much that we will send you as a referal to another real estate agent or brokerage. We then watch the process with you to make sure you are receiving the right working information.

We will earn a referal fee this way and also be a secondary resource for you if you have any questions.

Using a Realtor usually saves you money; especially in a volatile market. Even when markets are good and improving, you should always check with your local Realtor first, Or

CALL US. We have a FREE report describing how to buy real estate without a Realtor or how to choose a good Realtor or real estate agent.

For all people looking to purchase real estate this report delivers the basics. Prepared for Newport Arizona by Laguna Enterprise, the report is an excellent resource even if you eventually end up using a real estate agent because you will know the process and what to expect.

Buy a Home or Sell a House
No Realtor Wanted vs Real Estate agent Needed.

We are putting the finishing touches on it. Please Check back for it soon here on the Laguna Enterprise Page.

Please know that do-it-yourselfers save a lot of money and can even become experts. Is it worth it? Find out when we have the Report finished... Soon!

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