Renters vs Landlords
Foreclosures too X two.

Renters you need Contact!

The most dynamic group in our economy today, in Arizona, are our Renters. It is the Renters who are saving the Landlords property... or Are they!? Renters vs Landlords and foreclosures too.

Renters are constantly trying to better their credit. They are working the very hardest to be productive in their jobs. Many are living on a shoestring budget. Renters are incredibly resourceful saving on everything they buy from groceries to automobiles. Normally, this all goes well. Sometimes buying that new or used car can be rupturing to the soul but... You reason it out and you are justified.

Why is this good for the economy? Because most Renters do not intend to remain as Renters. Home ownership is a part of the American Experience but lets face it; It is not the American Dream it is touted to be. Everyone who wants to, will eventually buy a home.

In the meantime, If you are a Renter (always with a capital R) let NewPort Arizona be the first to say, THANK YOU!!!

The American Dream should always be the pursuit of FREEDOM in every category. In today's world owning a home can be all about becoming a servant.

See Freedom ++++>

In today's world you need to be a defensive Renter. Just like we should all be defensive drivers. There is this crazy statement from latin, "Caveat Emptor". It may sound cool, and you may be impressed that something in the ancient latin language has life in the active english language in all its dialects. Ceaser's famous "et tu Brute" may have never been uttered had he been aware.

It means "Buyer Be aware". Some want to say "Buyer Beware" They mean essentially the same thing except one is a more of a warning the other is and admonition to learn before you execute your power to buy.

Now, mostly you Renter folks are always being aware of the things that you buy. But when you are preparing to buy a house there are issues upon issues, legal resonings upon legal resonings, ethical questions upon etical questions and finally practical processes mixed with all the above.

TODAY YOU MUST WATCH YOUR BACK. If you rent a house from someone there is a chance that the house is in foreclosure.

You'll move in and the sheriff deputy will move you out and the house will go up on the market.

Don't let this happen to you. Call us we will try to check it out for you and find out if the landlord is behind on payments and it the foreclosure is imminent.