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Pre-qualification is the key to Homeownership. A Marcus Mortgage prefers to even get you pre-approved as soon as possible. Most companies want you to give private or sensitive information over the net in order to pre-qualify you. We will never ask for a Social Security number on line.

We are going to give you the basics to pre-qualify yourself. However, remember that most people do not fit the guidelines of the basics... perfectly.

So the reason you need to talk to a mortgage professional, like us, is to see if you have the flexability -wiggle room- within the basic guidelines. There are several programs available with alternative guidelines. Yes, even in today's crazy marketplace.

If you are certain about your financial picture because of your good dynamics, you could go anywhere to get a mortgage. Thanks for stopping by. We want to be your first choice, we know there are hundreds of other places you could go. Our goal is to deliver more and get it done.

We will make sure you are treated with one on one efforts and great respect. We make things happen quickly and smoothly based on your lead and your financial dynamics and your ambitious designs.

A Marcus Mortgage

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Lowest down payment is 3% of Purchase price.
Do you have this? Yes No

Expect that the closing costs will run from 2% to 3% of your purchase price. Do you have this? Yes No

Grade your credit: EXCELLENT GOOD Rough around the edges... or you might say it Needs Fixin'

Do you have liquid assets in checking, savings, 401k, IRA, Trust, or Stocks? Yes No

Know the income Ratio Secrets

What is a Compensating Factor? .

We have a form you can enter your information in below. We do not NEED more than an email address and a first name. Yet we would like you to give us as much information as you can.

Our goal at A Marcus Mortgage is to communicate with you and customize your pre-qualification. We desire to earn your confidence. Use our information as a reference for comparison with any other lending company.

In the end, we (the finance companies of the world) all measure up to the same result. Of course, A Marcus Mortgage wants your business first. We feel that the more you get to know us the more you'll like us and want to use us for financing your home.

We'll get the job done very competitively and you will know what, why and wherefore before you commit to the new financing on the bottom line.

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