No Closing Costs - Its O.K.

If you have no closing costs available to you after making due with a contract and down payment, then it is time to go to the gift givers in the family.


You can talk to your real estate agent at Laguna Enterprise Real Estate and Investment about this dilemna. Sellers can pay. On most programs the seller is allowed to pay a certain portion or all of the closing costs up to 3% and in many cases 6%.

Most sellers will want to know why closing costs are so very high and will want an accounting from lenders, title companies and so forth.

Don't worry, be happy! It happens all the time. Most new home builders will give incentives to have the closing costs paid for you as a buyer. They will often throw in extras that are normally upgrades in a down market. Don't be afraid to ask for them. If one builder won't another one might. Check them out.

If the seller you are dealing with won't pay the closing costs move on unless you have access to funds from somewhere else.

Maybe you have a brother or sister who owes you some money. Or maybe you'll receive a bonus soon which could contribute to the closing costs.

Just remember all funds will need to be paper trailed in some fashion or another just like down payment money.

No Closing Costs

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