Credit Needs Fixin'?
Lets do it!

If Credit needs fixin' start right away. Many people just let the credit sit in a sorry state and do not actively try to improve it.

All credit can be made to fit the needs of a lender. It is just a matter of time normally. Knowing how to fix your credit is the very best thing to be educated in. Rules change, the fair credit act is not enforced unless you enforce it, guidlines are re-set based on lending frienzies and borrowing want and demand.

Some feel that the credit will fix itself over a period of time.

Bankruptcy = 10 years
Foreclosure = 10 years
Collections = 7 to 10 years
30/60/90 day lates = 7 years
Judgements = 5 years plus renewals are indefinite
Tax Liens = until paid
Settlements = 7 years

Credit will correct itself eventually unless it keeps getting dings. We are proud to be a part of NewPort Arizona so that you are pointed in the right direction. A Marcus Mortgage of course.

In our experience we have started in one year with some folks but were not able to get them a loan until five years later after we got the credit in line. It can take that long. But we did it and together with full co-operation and trust were successful in assisting a client.

We like to say that our clients give up long before we ever will. Most of what has to be done needs full client input, understanding and direction. Otherwise, these things haunt your credit standing throughout your life... it seems.

Nominal bad credit can be like 575 FICO Scores to 640 FICO. We can often still work with this type of score and a good will to change it.

Some people treat it like a diet. They go just so far in getting everything almost where they want it and then they blow it again. No one can seem to lose the undesired weight or improve the FICO scores.

We can help you if you want it. We will not do it for you.

It is funny how people with good credit always want to improve their scores to the eight hundreds and until they do they consider themselves to have poor credit.

The average score across the country is 652.

Do not become over obsesive with all of this it can put you in an institution for higher learning if you do. (certainly you know what we mean by higher learning) You'll then be the one who needs fixin.

Rely on interpretations of your credit by those who are tying to help you and depend on your credit to make a living. THEY KNOW HOW TO GET IT RIGHT because until they do get it right you are in a stale mate.

Remember, all credit needs fixin' don't let credit stop you from giving us a call. We love it and we know we can help you out and you'll have nothing to lose.

Credit always Needs Fixin'