A Down Payment Is Very Helpful

Your down payment is a reflection of how serious you are in keeping your property. When you have invested your hard earned money it is so much better on the eyes and reasoning of Sellers, Realtors, underwriters and funders.

It also helps you stand a little taller and with more poise that you were able to contribute to the final purchase of your property. The final purchase is when you pay off your mortgage and are house-debt free.

Most down payments are between 3% and 5%. Just remember you must have money for closing costs and impounds as well. The more money you put down the more likely you will get the loan for the mortgage. It helps the funder know that you just will not get up and walk away from the house after you have been in it.

All lenders look at your situation and hope they are able to approve a property that has more than 20% down. Otherwise, their ideas are to figure out why NOT to approve the loan.

Most who have more than ten pecent to put down FHA will over look some of your previous lack of income and even some credit issues. Not always but most of the time this is true.

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