Reserves Equal Wealth

Reserves reflect what Ben Franklin wrote: "A penny saved is a penny earned". There are differing views on the truth of this statement. Nevertheless, Reserves or savings are what we are measured by when it is time to acquire a loan on a house or a mortgage.

Being that you have answered yes to our liquid asset question you are to be congratulated. This is not an easy thing to do. Even if it is inherited, won in a lottery or somehow dropped in your lap from a winfall in your portfolios.

If you have a substantial amount of savings in different accounts; Our recommendation is that you only disclose out of one account the amounts that satisfy underwriting guidelines.

There is nothing that says you must fully disclose your assets on a loan application.

Privacy is privacy. Obviously, the more you disclose the easier it is to make the loan. But if you are a "reservist" you are probably laden with good credit and job stability. This seems to be the very essence of those who keep their liquid assets and avoid the spending of them.

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