Stephanie Meyer
Twilight never bit so...

Stephanie Meyer is a very well known author who has emerged out of the Twilight. She has taken a deep bite into the literary world and has echeloned up into a Hollywood darling with her stories of attempt at bridled passion, sequestered lust and penetrable darkness.

We want to be critical here. Most of this story line is not unlike something you would see on the television series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Perhaps more intense with emotional investment but it has that tinge of Sci-fi sans remedie.

A Young man wrote about a dragon named Eragon. His books did well the movie was c+ work. Twilight can be compared to this type of process. The books are better written and the movie is B+ but neither are worth the fanfare that has become of this author's winfall. It is interesting to Hollywood but probably has no real substance of plot or philisophical strength. In the long run it is just a fantasy to nowhere.

The story has its own twists and turns that appeals to an incredible and vast audience. The thought of being caught up in a forbidden relationship; being pierced by it in so many different ways and paying concurrent dues to unwanted consequences, is such a real life allegory and sketch that we all understand it. This is redeeming for us mere mortals or is that mugals.

The best books and movies have some of this theme in them. They so closely mirror some dimension in our real lives that we are highly entertained. But these stories do not give us any solutions to the conflicts other than yielding to the self imposed trends and ultimate consequences. This leaves us empty really. Hope then is squandered on process not guidance or providence. Its complicated.

The book and the movie have lust, thrust, intrigue and a newness in the Vampire theme but it is very sophomorish. This is tantamount to writing a script for Romeo and Juliet. You will go see it because it appeals to the young love cravings we all once had in our lives and couldn't or shouldn't have followed through on them.

Stephanie Meyer's work is hard pressed to take you out of your world and put you in her Twilight environment. However, if you are willing to go there it is an easy transition. After all it was a dream she had and now has shared by millions around the world.

Most impressionable young girls 13 to 30 have incredible emotional cravings for the movie and the book. Perhaps they relate to the plainess of Bella and fuse themselves to the idea of saving a tormented bad boy soul like Edward by giving the heart to his anguish because her love will fix everything and he will become the valiant he really should be anyway. Hope springs bloomin' eternal.

Perhaps men are more critical of this type of story and rendition because it teases the senses but fulfills very little.

Stephanie Meyer will be a constant success in this venue. Hopefully she does not become like J.K. Rowling and bore us with half hearted themes and uninspired boredom on paper. Ms. Meyer seems to have honed in unwittingly to the pulse of the reading public and may show us incredible genius in saundering in and through the twilight.

Ms. Meyer make no bones about being an accomplished author. She is still in awe that people want to read her words and make incredible leaps into her character's lives. This is so refreshing. It has made her very weatlthy and very popular and now very famous in the Realm of Arizona.

The more people remember that she is an Arizonan the more we like it!

Stephanie Meyer

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