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Tempe was named by our shakespearean friend Lord Darrel Duppa who also suggested the name for Phoenix .

Lord Duppa was well read and somewhat of a dramatic intellect for his time. The Greek "Vale of Tempe" was a valley that Lord Duppa probably never saw but had read about.

Its origin is from Greece. The Greek goddess Artemis and her famous brother Apollo inhabited the entrance to the ancient pathway which lead to the city of Thessaly.

There is little resemblance of the two geographical locations that are separated by thousands of miles of American land, Atlanctic Ocean, and Mediterranean sea. Tempe has beautiful little mountains which could cause one to think of a vallley.

It has a river running through it and back in the late 1800's was surrounded by green fields. This matches the Vale of Tempe in Greece; It's just that the Greek version is on a much much larger scale.

Tempe is a very fast paced college town. Arizona State University dominates the downtown area. Most of Arizona loves to visit the sports stadium and the Basketball Arena. We are not always coming for sports. There are often concerts and rallies and main event type venues there.

The Campus itself is bustling with beautiful and aspiring co-eds and ambitious college men.

This part of town is very lively and a student could live here and perhaps never run out of things to do. Students can save on gasoline money by walking everywhere or riding a bike. All services are within blocks of the university campus.

There are all types of populations of people here; from the surfers to the cowboys, the preppys to the nerdish and all makes and models in between.

There is so much opportunity available. Even jobs and recreation are simple to find.

City leaders were wise to have built a beautiful lake that was formerly a blightful dry wash/river for a hundred plus years. Now it has sail boats, windsurfers, and businesses and parks along the banks. The old Tempe bridge leading to Mill Avenue has been replaced and the lighting at night is spectacular over the water.

Fireworks on the fourth of July or New Years Eve can be seen from every high spot in the entire Valley of the Sun .

North Tempe borders with Mesa on the East and Phoenix on the entire West side. Chandler borders the Southeast side of Tempe where Mesa stops.

The Phoenix Southeast area is where our famous Sky Harbor Airport brings you to Arizona State (University too). We also are very fortunate to have Interstate 10 pass by the City.

If you ever are here to visit and have the urge to get out and do something besides visit relatives or real estate people, check out our college town. It's where the action is!

Are you ready to Make a move ?