City of Chandler

The City of Chandler is one of the most dynamic cities in the East Valley.

There are residential communities that are very well planned and the City insists on adherance to individual homeowners keeping their properties well groomed. For example, If you do not have a driveway, you can not park your car on the lawn or dirt on the side of your house.

It is hard to talk about this great city,without talking about one of its very generous and prominent families.

This family founded the most successful Grocery store chain in Arizona competing with national chains like Safeway. The Basha Family owns and operates the Basha's stores. Mr. Eddie Basha is a very big hearted man who loves all of Arizona and most Arizonans love hime right back.

His father (Edward Sr.) started the grocery store, but he, Eddie (the second) brought it out of obscurity and into the public awareness.

There is an Edward Basha the third, most people call him Tray (the Third) who is also very much a pillar of good will to those who know him. All the Bashas seem to participate in their family enterprise.

Mr. Basha the II, seems to have an acumen for business and development and understands the politics of it. He certainly has a genius for the free enterprise system. Chandler, and all of Arizona, is a wonderful place because of the Basha Family.

Forward thinking brought to this city the honor of being a host location for Intel, the giant computer chip maker. Billions of dollars are flowing in and out of this company which is a major employemnt center for all of the East Valley.

The most beautifully laid out indoor mall in all of Arizona is part of this City. Not even the malls in Scottsdale can match the planning, splendor and architecture of Chandler Fashion Square.

This great city has close to 300,000 people now. The School system is second to none, lead by Camille Casteel the superintendant of schools.

Much has changed in the last 15 years. Sheep and cotton use to be part of the seasonal entertainment.

The San Marcos Hotel which is famous for its history and the golf course, of course, give elegance and charm to the over all feel and experience of this, once upon a time, farming community.