Coach Jesse Parker
Practice and Win Well

Coach Jesse Parker
Jesse Parker is one of the greatest High School Coaches ever to come to Arizona. He started coaching high school football at Camelback High School in the early 70s. His success is celebrated. He now coaches in Gilbert, Arizona He can bring out the best in any athlete he coaches. He is not dependent only on getting talent to his program. He brings the talent out of the individual. More can be done with a weak willing athlete than one who has natural talent and won't work, practice and be coached.

He probably never realized the greatness in confidence that he provided to his first "Star Quarterback", Mark Whipple. Mr. Whipple, (naturally talented and coachable) was the recipient of the Arizona Scholar-Athlete Award in 1975. He went on to Brown University and was the quarterback coach for the Pittsburg Steelers who won the 2006 Superbowl.

Coach Parker has coached many to prominence. He is also a skilled educator. The fundamentals that he teaches are simple, brilliant and practical. This is a unique man, Coach Parker.

His work is legendary, for both athelete, student and parents; the world is a better place because of his influences upon thousands.

Most coaches want to move up the ladder. Coach Parker chose to stay focused on what he loved. That is to watch young boys learn how to win and turn into men.

College coaching means more money and the prospects and enticements for moving into professional football coaching could have meant millions to Coach Jesse Parker.

He is certainly qualified. He chose to keep it simple and win without the major league politics. There is enough politics in high school sports.

This has been his message, "Practice the fundamentals, use them and they won't let you down. Play as a team and not for individual glory... you'll win individually and with your team."

He won't tout his own horn, he doesn't need to, the glory of winning is so much more powerul for him. He takes a great deal of pride in seeing his coaching in action.

If you are fortunate enough to be coached by Coach Parker, then you have tools for life. His skilled discipline is win, win for everyone. Endure in any area of life, succeed in spite of and because of the obstacles.

A challenge is needed for Coach Jesse Parker to want to start the game. "Now, Go find me a fence!"

Thanks Coach.

Coach Jesse Parker

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