Coach Jesse Parker Seeks a New Job

This information is from the East Valley Tribune. We call it the Parker Survey. We comment on it too!

Legendary Arizona football coach Jesse Parker has 309 career coaching wins, in Arizona which matches even for all high school coaches in history.

It is interesting that Coach resigned in December from Gilbert High and now seeks another post as a coach in Arizona. Sort of a slap in the face to the Gilbert High sports program.

Coach doesn't make this kind of decision lightly. He will be 70 years old in July! This man will work until he has won, the clock does not run out on this coach!

According to the Tribune, He is ready to move on without coaching football next fall if his prospects do not pan out.

Tribune's Q&A

Q: If you don’t coach this fall, what would you most like to do?

A: I still have hopes of getting a job. If I don’t, I’ll take time off and discover how much my wife really cares about me. She’ll see me a lot more often.

Coach employs his discipline upon himself. If he really wants a Job he'll get it. Of course, Rumor has it that his wife has never wanted to divorce him, but she might kick him in the kidney... and if that turns out detrimental to the kidney she'll donate one of her own to fix it. So you see Love and sacrifice never cease to be one eternal round. (Coach loves his wife it is moving to see the respect they share)

Q: What’s your best coaching memory in 40-plus years of coaching high school football?

A: It’s a little hard when you’ve been involved in 400-something games. The championships you never forget. The game I’ll remember most is 1985 when I was at Mountain View and we beat McClintock. (Linebacker) Bob Davis’ performance that night was something. I don’t think anyone at that game can forget it.

I would like to know if there was a point in his career that affected any change in his methods of coaching. Something he learned and adjusted his game plan. Basics are Basics but did those basics ever change or get upgraged?

Q: What’s the low point to date in your coaching career?

A: It would have to be the playoff loss to Horizon in 2001. It was a bizarre ending and loss. That’s the lowest I’ve ever felt as a coach. I felt that was the best chance we had at Gilbert to win the championship. The loss of our last regular-season game this last year to Chandler is right there, too.

Coach Parker has been known to cut kids from his program without even a hint of remorse or guilt. This however does two things, It is best for the kid to take responsibility and it improves the bonding of a team that stays and is not cut. If any kid wanted to play and showed skill and heart and was coachable he stayed to play or watch and learn and become something greater than he was. Sometimes getting cut is the only way to teach a young teenage rock star. Once you were on the team Coach was your best alli and friend. Your pain was his, your thoughts were critical and your losses he felt moreso than anybody.

Born: July 29, 1939

Status: Married, 46 years

Favorite movie: “Cool Hand Luke”

Favorite TV show: “Andy Griffith Show”

Last book you read: “Washington’s Crossing” by David Hackett Fisher. Washington crossing the Delaware

Notice this book has much to do with history. Coach Parker honors the truths and hardknocks gained through historical icons, events and reasonings. It appears to be more than an educational or intellectual moment for him. We would suggest that it is bordering on spiritual and divinely organized for him.

What do you drive: Ford F-150

Any superstitions: When I coached at Camelback I would pick up pennies before a game. I did that in 1974 before we played (won) the championship game. Painted those pennies blue and orange (Camelback colors).

Worst habit: Procrastination

This answer is so Parkeresque, Procrastination is in his own view a self depricating thing. But he is comparing himself to no one else but himself. Procrastination compared to most people does not exist in this man of great discipline and hard work.

First job: I was 9 years old and pumped gas at a filling station We think that this may have been his first paying job. His mother and father probably instilled huge responsibility and work ethics to finish what you start. Somehow you feel Coach's mother and father staring you down in moment when he corrects you.

A last meal: Southern fried chicken and potatoes and gravy

This we believe full heartedly. He is probably a closet salad man too.

Something about you that would surprise a lot of people: I read a lot. Probably finish a book or two a month.

This seems to surprise other coaches but not any one who has been a student of Coach Parker.

Favorite athlete in another sport and in football: Mickey Mantle. In football Walter Payton.

We believe that coaches real favorite atheletes are from his high school groups of athletes. Especially, those who showed growth in his tutilege.

Favorite city to visit: Washington D.C.

We want to know why. The guess is that it is the foundation of our nation and has such strong ties to the greatest country on earth and its successes. It is Historical to him.

Food you refuse to eat: Cucumbers

Like we said he is a closet salad man.

Possession you can’t live without: I don’t have one.

This is so true. He would sacrifice every material thing if he had too. We would like to know what his favorite possession is...

Favorite item at fast food restaurant: Chicken sandwich at Chick-Fil-A

Hamburgers and fries are for all the other guys!

Your hero: Andrew Jackson because of his toughness; Abraham Lincoln for his many qualities

How many of us know anything about Andrew Jackson? Coach Parker probably understands Abraham Lincoln better than most of us. He has certainly assimilated many of their characteristics in his own person.

Bucket list: Travel around the country and see games in small high school settings in different states. See the different faces of high school football.

We would love to do that with you Coach if the Cosmos will allow.


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