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Queen Creek

If you are new to the words Queen Creek and you say them too quickly you will find that, like all of us, we are all prone to the Elmer Fudd speech impediment. Saying the words to quickly or without caution renders "Kween Kweek". This town the East Valley's best kept secret.

You'll say it at least once have a chortle and then laugh in disbelief when you say it again.

Imagine lying down in your back yard looking up toward the clouds or the vastness of a baby blue sky. As you are still you may hear doves in a skirmish, Bees humming, a dog or two barking and suddenly you may hear the daytime whistle blow of the railroad train with its rythmic skip sounds on the railroad tracks from miles away.

The very faint and distant rumbling sound of jet liners U-turning in the sky making their approach adjustments to Sky Harbor may be heard possibly lulling you to sleep.

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You may hear the sounds of Roosters crowing, horses neighing, cattle bellowing. Breezes rustling through palm trees, cottonwoods, corn stalks and tall shrubbery seem to calm the sole somehow... if you are still.

If you do not hear these things all of your small children will, they'll let you know.

Your search for animal life may be found with butterlies sky dancing, field hawks soaring and coyotes trying to be stealth.

Now and again you may see little cotton tail bunnies taming the brush, humming birds pausing to perch, even a tiny skunk may earn passage before your eyes. Owls hoot out here right in the neighborhood.

Neighbors stroll with their dogs, ride there horses and enjoy their family focus. Little boys chase a variety of lizards big and small. The famous fence lizard challenges all to try and catch him, most little boys can and do.

Little girls swinging on a tire dangling from a tree with fair hair whisping about the face and shoulders gives semblance of an innocense of days gone by.

It would seem that on the most stressfull of work days, everyone is obliged to smile inside.

Little frogs will eat little bugs in your lawns and gardens. Your car's radiator will catch and kill the largest flying beetles you have ever seen. Queen Creek Beetles. (not a rock group).

Lory loads rumble down main streets and farm equipment gets in the way of traffic. The San Tan Mountains are holding watch, providing a hike or two with beautiful panoramic views of deserts, towns, and landscapes. Sunset seekers won't be disappointed.

Queen Creek has a seasonal wash that we call a creek. The water flows during the winter rains if we have them and during the monsoons of summer.

The storm in the desert here will draw fierce lightning and ground rumbling thunder. After the storm, peace; then busy reality resets our day.

After the storms the air smells fresh with wonderful scents of earth, alphalfa, citrus and sage. Days are warm and nights are filled with stars. Its magnificent. Sometimes, westerly winds will carry the scent of salt water in the air.

This small town wants to be a big town but the budget won't let it. We have 12 stop lights in this town where there once was none five years ago or so.

First there was a Safeway and then a Home Depot, now there is a Wal*mart, Target and all the trimmings that come with those two. Fast food use to be 12 miles away and all we had was Circle K. Now we have it "all". Times are changing.

Progress Happens. We love when it rains here in Queen Creek, you will too.

This is a move to Town . Come and be still here. Or busy and loud. Its a choice we'll take you as you are!