Mesa The First
East Valley City

Mesa has so much to offer. The city was originally Lehi which was in a valley serviced by the Hohokam canals. These canals were restructured and re directed as people from Lehi moved from the small valley to the contiguous "table top" flats on the Southeast.

This town was started by Morman Pioneers. Brigham Young was known as the great settler and expansionist, sent Utah settlers to various areas around the country, especially in the West. Mesa is one of the best success stories.

Since 1878, Mesa has been expanding and growing and bringing in commerce to become the 3rd largest city in Ariozna next to Tucson.

Mesa residents had a lot to do with the founding of Arizona State Univesity. This city has always demanded high standards in education.

In the 1970's 35% of the residents were still members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In 2008 there are approximately 10% counted as membes of the "Morman" Church.

The Church also maintains a beautiful Temple in the heart of Mesa. Christmas programs and Easter pagents in the gardens invite all to come unto Jesus Christ. The interior of the Temple is open to members of the Church who remain in good standing with the standards of the Church.

Mesa is continually updating itself. Its down town main street has statues of different people types of Mesa or any hometown. The original rule when building streets in Town was that you had to be able to turn a team of horses pulling a stagecoach around. This was excellent for the future when automobiles needed room to drive these roads. It was Brigham Youngs idea. We are still benefiting from his ideas over 130 years later.

Mesa hosts Spring training as the headquarters for the Chicago Cubs. For us it is Spring for the Cubs its Winter.

Mesa has such a variety of people from all over the world. It is a "welcome home" city. Nothing too controversial, all is mostly looking for the next corner to improve.

Boy Scouts has always been very competitive here. There are many young men who have become Eagle Scouts. It has a connection to the Scout camps like Geronimo and R bar C.

Living here is the next best thing to living with the Cleavers. Sharing the center of the State has it rewards and benefits.

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