Letter of Health and Welfare

March 13, 2008

Re; Letter Health.

Dear Ken and Marjorie,

My purpose for writing you this letter is to give you my reasoning as a huge skeptic against multi-level marketing but then reason, out of the irony, why I have become very interested in being a part of a multi-level marketing group.

Isn’t it peculiar how people are now calling these businesses “referral networks”?

You have heard my son’s story first. My use of these products has resulted in my own personal wellness too. Please permit me here to render my version of the story in print.

This letter to you could be cut down and edited to nothing but the hype and prose of my referral network. I want it to be a reality based letter that executes reason and describes the experience.

In this letter it is my intention to express frankly about why it "feels right" for me to say that everybody on this planet should be a part of this referral network specifically, even if it is only in the smallest way. Our Letter here is a testimony to promotes this.

First and foremost, we are all (for the most part)nutritionally mal nourished in our society today... Or should we say imbalanced according to our natural needs. We have become sugar burners.

According to Doctors on OPRAH, (and any health awareness program), we rarely eat vegetables and fruit. When we do we are certainly not eating enough to develop and maintain our baseline nutritional needs to the letter. We eat many damaged fats like margarine and modified meats.

Our kids become sugar/carbohydrate junkies from the minute they go from mother’s breast to baby formula. (Most baby formulas have up to 55% high fructose corn syrup). Mother's milk is so much better and perhaps the sugar content is even higher but it is natural. We are setting ourselves up for diabetes and obesity from birth!

We are all suffering from the idea that mass production should rule the day and cover our natural nutritional needs. All it really covers is the pocketbook of manufacturers. Duplicitous relationships with the FDA and other agencies world wide are directly affecting our health negatively.

Thinking somehow we would all be better off and better balanced if we trusted our ignorance has threatened our lives. Perhaps it is well worth the time and effort to stop trusting when even our basic intake of foods are giving us diseases, addictions and diminished capacity.

These mistakes in trust have boosted the onslaught of thousands of wellness industry programs, MLM’s, books and health food stores, letters and articles of competition, etc. to the point that they are marketing the idea of "trust us, not them!"

Quality has gone astray in the mind of the producers of our food. We are an unknowing generation of instant pudding and pre prepared meals including fast food.

So we are coaxed into these programs hoping to fill in the nutritional gaps everywhere in our systems. Some of them are very good many are just inconsistent in their quality.

We as a society question the very foundation of our food supply, our medical research, and our “canned” almost cliche like responses from medical care givers. "Take this script and come and see me in two weeks." Instead of "..try to get 8 hours of sleep, walk a mile everyday, eat breakfast everyday, only whole grains, fruits chicken and fish. I will call you or someone on my staff to see how you are coming along. Lets try this for a month and see if we can avoid my letter to the pharmacy."

Very little seems personal anymore and tailored to us. We are a society of: Wal-mart, Subway, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, Jamba Juice, Sears, K-mart, Chevron, Arco, Chipotle, KFC, Nordstoms, Dillards, Exxon-Mobil, Fed-ex, UPS, Target, Safeway, Albertsons, Home Depot, Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Lowes, Costco, McDonalds, Walgreens, CVS; etc, etc, etcetera!

You see what we are saying here? In another view, Why should we leave home to do everything the same way somewhere else (meaning travel away from home). Every city is the same.. Is there a real choice anymore? My answer is, yes... but you have to search for it. It does not become visible without an intense srearch. It defies our common sense. We have become like Lewis and Clark trying to discover the landscapes of best choices.

Is their nutrition and health promotion amongst all the billion dollar corporate expressions? Partially, maybe. Does this work? If your car needs a tune up and you replace just two spark plugs in a four cylinder car does it do any good over time? My letter says no.

There is a place for these mega influences in the marketplace. It is certainly pro capitalism which is mostly positive in an ever growing socialist form of lifestyle. Yet, quality has been put in the back seat to hype and popularity; leaving us wanting and we really have become so conditioned and spoiled we really don’t comprehend as a society That we are missing something.

The poignancy in all this is that it is almost inescapable no matter where we go. We must deal with this on some level at some time for the rest of our lives.

In a related issue to watch television today, every other commercial is about a drug you should "insist" that your doctor provide for you for some syndrome or disease that is given new marketable names. Millions are spent to make trillions. Doctors become like the candy machine or soda machine. You pay them the money, they give you the token (script or letter from the doctor) and you pay again for the drug which is many times more expensive than the doctor visit.

Please watch your liver if you choose to do this!

Observing this from the perspective of just 50 years ago, one would think that going to the doctor is a mindless exercise with very little counseling and personal care being provided.

You go in, deliver symptoms, and on our way out we become the guinea pig for latest drug that may poison us and kill thousands of us. Usually, all these drug families may attack the liver, which renders an impaired immune system which then leads to greater chronic or sudden onset of illness and many times is the precursor or cause of death.

Drug companies know that they may kill people with the drugs they provide but statistically make moral judgements to justify the killings because the rest of the populations are benefited. They probably really aren'tbenefited toward a cure, it just won't kill or make them completely sick.

Today, It does not matter where we buy our food in American grocery stores. We do not make things from scratch any longer, we have very fewer orchards that are not sprayed with chemicals that kill. Chemically altered fertilizers are not providing proper plant growth. We have our foods infused with high fructose corn syrup. (The worlds favorite addiction and probably a major cause of heart disease and diabetes) We give our babies powdered baby formula, which are vitamin rich products but they are 55% high fructose corn syrup. There is so much more I would want to include and address here, but I won’t. Most of this is so mind boggling.

I would laugh about it but it seems to be so serious.

The past 5 years I have become aware that we are all subject to the lack of synergies in our ways of life. Much of what we eat we don’t need or use or the body doesn’t know what it is for so it expels it (or stores it)and then the body is forced to filter more than sustain and we end up sick.

This is all my sudden understanding. I know you have dealt with this for years and years trying to cope with it and find answers.

To me its an awakening of understanding that was always available but did not register as life altering or potentially dangerous. We trusted the system and the miraculous recovery mechanisms of the body that we thought would last forever.

We are learning as we get older.

Every thinking physician out there will tell you to take nutritional supplements to make up for the deficits contained in our food supply. Then we are left to discover where the good food is and research its origin, processing, additives and nutritive values.

Few of us are qualified to do this and even the ones that are qualified are taking advantage of time crunches and convenience of Circle K, 7-11 and Dairy Queen.

Even when you follow the nutritional supplement advice you do not know where the quality is or if this is effective or not because of fillers which may be used and thereby dilute the nutrition so desperately needed. And many other factors that affect us too.

The question is this. Is it that simple?

Could our overall health, sense of well being, endurance, emotional needs and energy expressions, creativity, intellect and more all be linked to our nutritional baseline?

Who even takes the minimum daily required vitamins?

Everybody answers the, "Is it that simple question" with YES. In fact some of us who are educated and experienced would have to wonder why would one even need to ask the obvious.

The reason this question becomes so important is because most of us do not know how to get the full nutritional needs that are re-insertable into our system.

People with type 1 diabetes can turn into very strange creatures when they are found to be very low on blood sugars but are normal as can be instantly with eight ounces of orange juice.

Does this happen to all of us on different levels.

The rest of us can find ourselves in diverse states of health and well... being, but we don’t know what to take to change it.

Or in otherwords make it better. Many have been taking very high quality rated supplements to try to improve their own personal wellness for several years. Handfuls of pills to nutritionally supplement our bodies are taken for years. Like garlic pills or gymnema sylvestre etc.

The results are good but not consistent and certainly not long lasting or permanent. A very common doctor's critical response to the idea of taking these supplements is; ”you are really just producing very expensive urine”.

What does the doctor say about ambien, zolaff, or glucophage or viagra? Or? you name it. This is very expensive urine producers.

Freinds take 12 to 15 capsules per day, every day for months and months. This is very costly to do, but they felt it was necessary.

It becomes obvious that the proper combination of nutrients, acting together in the body create specific signals to the body and create chemical responses. These responses are the keys to unlocking the body’s natural uses of nutrients to the letter.

Another Point. Giving a type one diabetic, who is low on sugar, a piece of celery may not help his immediate condition... even though the celery is good for him., It may not have enough in it to address the problem of low blood sugar. A glass of milk or apple juice might act quickly and these are substances that are generally good for us. If you have the good nutrient and it is not needed the body justs finds a way to expell it.

But we have false supplements that act immediately and are delicious to the taste and seem to cure the immediacy of hypoglycemia, like soda pop or a candy bar. To follow the letter of the law becomes so very ignored.

So it is clearly seen that we may all want to treat ourselves, but our choices may be the ineffective long term choice making all our efforts frustrating, deflating and even down right hopeless.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a personal chemist, bio-nutrient biologist or microbiologist dietician to send us a personal letter and do all the work/analysis for us?

He or she could be creating key compounds with elements from nature and man that would work directly with every cell in the human body? Brain cells, nerve cells, muscle cells, blood cells, bone cells and more. If we could afford someone like this, and the treatments were successful when we used them our quality of life would reach a new level of quality.

Hope could be restored, health would be increased. The first thing we would do is get our families on the compounds of nutrients. Maybe send them this letter...

Then I would tell everyone else I know! Who doesn’t want better balance, clarity of mind, health, strength and stamina. Ergo this lengthy letter.

There are tools to keep up with your kids, (grand kids), friends and the peers at work. They also strengthen health.

This long letter Continues.