Zonies Dude

Arizonans aka Zonies, have been known to populate the Southern Coast of California. Many use to just call us Tourists with a capital T.

In this world of specific differentiation, We are called Zonies.

Now this normally would be of some offense and no consequence, except for the fact that some of us like being called Zonies. Like, seriously! It Rocks dude. Totally. Probably, close to one third of new residents to Arizona are from California in any given year. We don't call them Fornies. But maybe we should.

Arizonans have begun to take over beaches and summer rentals during the hot months (End of May to Early September)in all beach oriented places in California. After all its not too far away and you can leave Friday night and be back for work or school on Monday morning. Or if you fly its just a little less time for the beaches.

Some of the Zonies even learn to surf, visit the Wildlife zoos, Legoland, and Sea World. Others, go to La Jolla Cove to chase sea lions with scuba gear. And then there is the social life, the best looking people on the beaches of California are Zonies, Of course.

Don't you wish they were all California girls?! Not with the Zonies around!

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Zonies get back!