Tree Frog Arizona

The Arizona Tree Frog is a very small amphibian. Trees are their natural habitat. They rarely leave the trees. They are found in sevearal colors. Green, Ashen, beige/copper camouflage, and some varieties are found in dark yellow or gold.

Tree Frogs are truly Arizona little facts. Here's the list.

These are hard animals to find. The are high up in the trees and are only 3/4" to 2 1/4 inches long. They blend in so well with their habitat that they are safe from all predators until the little guys and gals move.

The Arizona amphibian is normally found at elevations above 4,500 feet. The Mogollon Rim is a common place to find them. If you are in the Junipers only you won't find these frogs very often but once you get into the tall pines, cottonwoods and oak trees you can encounter them if you work at it.

These amphibians eat exclusivly the insects in their habitat, they are mostly nocturnal. They are normally visible to humans during late June through August. This is the Arizona Monsoon season.

The males are heard during the rainy summer seasons with their chatter. The females do not make sounds. During the rainy season you will find them infrequently in shallow pools and meadows.

This is a mysterious type of amphibian. They are not seen or heard of during the Fall and Winter and rarely in the spring. They just seem to disappear. The main predators for these camouflaged frogs are snakes and birds.

The Arizona Ridgenosed Rattlesnake is found in the same habitat. (Arizona's Reptile)

Our environment in Arizona and around the world depends on the existence of frogs. Keep them safe.

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