Never too Many People
To Pay Our Parking Fines

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Arizona will have never too many people. We are a State that is dominated by Federal and State lands. The Federal property consists of our National Parks, Forests, Indian Reservations, and Military bases and training areas. This comprises about two thirds of the State of Arizona.

State Land comprises almost a third of the state and private ownership of land is approximately 11 to 13 percent of the State Land in Arizona.

State and Federal Land is ususally open range which means that in the absence of fences cattle and other stock like sheep and goats or horses can graze at will. If you own land in any area in the State of Arizona and you do not have a fence up you are subject to the open range grazing law. However, if you are in high populated area ranchers are required to have fences up to avoid conflicts.

There are attempts from time to time to trade state lands for private property. In Northern Arizona the Sante Fe Railroad was given every other section of land (640 acres) in order to accommodate the Santa Fe Railroads to allow them to lay tracks back in the late 1800's and early 1900's. When the track was laid the railroads kept only areas they needed to stop and keep for maintenance and accommodate the Stations. The rest of the land was given to the Territory or State as it was respectively at the time. The other areas were sold to private ranchers, farmers and speculators.

The private land available in Arizona is limited and because this is so, the land values usually hold their values. When they increase in value gradually, it is unusual for the value to drop completely back to former price points. Because we have never too many people. Even in slow economic times Arizona grows.

Never too many. Populate back>

We need more people in Arizona to pay our parking fines, our taxes and our impact fees. Every town and city wants more people. The funny trick is every town and city is territorial and protective of their life style. For example, Scottsdale at one time wanted no commerce within its borders. Today places like Queen Creek, Chandler, and Rio Verde are saying the same thing. Yet, Queen Creek has acquiesced to the need of commerce and Walmart and Home Depot are there as many other retail and fast food restaurants are. Scottsdale is known for its commerce acumen and its extreme "shopping" . Chandler long ago gave up closing its borders. In 1984, there were cotton fields and shepherded roaming sheep until 1992 when development started to prevent it. In 2008, one of the best places for a job is Chandler because of Intel and Motorola. Chandler has the most attractive mall in the State of Arizona. People from the Biltmore and Scottsdale visit the Chandler Fashion Mall.

Arizona revenues depend on two major sources. Population growth and Tourism. One encourages the other. Most residents were tourists or visitors at least once. Once a visitor moves here they will explore and tour other parts of this beautiful state. Most people understand that the State will not change except in private land areas. Never too many people is our mantra here at Newport Arizona. Come and join us.

There are approximately 6 million people in the State of Arizona: Never too many.

Maricopa County = 3.8 million

Pima County = 950,000

Pinal County = 300,000

Yavapai County = 210,000

Mohave County = 195,000

Yuma County = 190,000

Cochise County = 130,000

Coconino County = 128,000

Navajo County = 115,000

Apache County = 75,000

Gila County = 55,000

Santa Cruz County = 45,000

Graham County = 35,000

La Paz County = 25,000

Greenlee County = 10,000

Arizona has the 5th larges city in the United States but it is the 20th largest State in terms of population. There is never too many people.

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