Two-Tailed Swallow Tail
Tell No Tales

This is Arizona's State Insect, a very quiet and precious butterfly. Find the Two-Tailed Swallow Tail being chased by small children from the age of one to ninety-three. The dog and butterfly experience permeates the State too. These chases are fun to watch. Sudden dodges of the chasee and the balance of the chaser collide, giving escape to the navigator and tumbles to the seeker; all over Arizona except in the extremely hot areas of the Sonoran Desert.

This butterfly is extremely beautiful. The wings are basically bright pale yellow with black tiger stripes and edging. The lower wings are outlined with black edging and blue Sci/fi type bubble or blue eye shaped spheres. On the lower wings, left and right, this butterfly has three distinct separate tails, six altogether. The outer tails are longer than the inner two tails on the lower wings. From a distance it looks like two tails only, hence the name.

When they fly they seem to know how to manoeuver in light breezes and wind. The Two-tail appears to be very delicate but it keenly senses how to escape capture. Most of the time you see them flying solo or capturing nectar from any kind of flower. They take flight in Arizona from early March to late November.

Ash Trees, Sycamores and Rosewoods are their preferred Arizona tree sites. These beauties are found in many areas of the Country.

We will attempt to capture one by camera and post it here.

Swallow Tail, 2 Az Little Facts