State Borders
Defined by Nature and Man

The Arizona State Borders were set in place by a survey done in 1912. After the Thomas Jefferson Method of Townships using the concept of a Baseline and Merridian.

There is a story about the Arizona Border with Mexico, where the American survey group started from a point near Yuma going east. But because there was such a lack of water and such rough terrain the survey crew turned back to Yuma and sent word for the crew in the East to finish the task. It is said that if the Eastern Crew had started first and followed the straight line West from Nogales to the Gulf of California where the Colorado river ends, Arizona would have ocean front property.

Another story says the eastern crew stayed in Nogales too long and got drunk for weeks and lost time and had to beat a deadline to meet in Yuma so they "veered" North to what is now San Luis following an easier path to the Colorado river thereby excluding the Gulf of California.

The official story is that all happened according to plan in spite of delays. The surveyors knew that the Gulf of California or the Sea of Cortez, as it is known in Mexico, belonged to the Mexican Territory. But it is fun to play with the rumors in history. What if...? Some say that history is an ever changing point of view rather than a fact of the matter etcged in stone.

Millions cross the Arizona - Mexican Border illegally. This is at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars to the State of Arizona. It is also the cause a huge portion of money that is sent from the United States of America to the states in Mexico from labors performed here in the USA. Loss of revenues from the USA being re invested in our economy. It is considered billions of dollars per year.

We could have Mexico join in our Union as the 51st state and save some money. The border fence will not accomplish much because our Mexican neighbors can swim and fly and catch a boat to get here legally at first. The trouble comes when trying to get them out of the country when visas and permits expire. We would do as the Mexicans do if we lived there. Of course, there are legal ways to get to the USA.

The Arizona - Mexican border stretches through some of the roughest and the most inhospitable terrain in the country. It probably takes the life of hundreds a yeare.

Mexican Border with Arizona

The New Mexico/Arizona Border is approximately 351 miles from Mexico to Colorado. The Utah/Arizona Border is approximately 260 miles from Colorado to To Nevada. Nevada-California border between Nevada and Mexico is approximately 375 miles. Colorado barely touches Arizona in order to give it the four corners fame.

All roads out of Arizona at the state borders seem to be a low to high desert environment. It is beautiful but would probably keep most people out of the state of Arizona if they didn't know that the State was gorgeous inside its borders with conifers, oaks and aspen just waiting to be discovered. Streams and rivers and lakes are within the state borders.

Come and see for yourself. The contrast is incredible.

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The Colorado River from Lake Mead through Lake Havasu to San Luis is the natural water border for Arizona. Arizona controls the East Bank and California the West bank. The Hoover Dam helps to control water flow along the Colorado River on the Western border of Arizona.