Bolo Tie
Signature Style of the West

The first impressiion you give wearing a bolo tie, expresses to the world that you are completely entrenched in the Arizona Lifestyle. That western gentleman with cowboy class and charm.

Some women wear the tie too as an ensemble piece. In fact one in four ties bought at Christmastime in 2007 were bought by women.

There are no concrete claims as to how the world came to know this tie. It's history is based on rumor.

It is usually a braided leather cord about two to four feet long. It would have a clasp at the neckline or medalion which holds the two cords together. The ends of the tie usually have some ornamentation as well keeping the tie straight and tidy.

It is now the official tie of New Mexico as well as Arizona.

The "Bola" as it is sometimes referred to because of the Argentine cowboy bola lasso. Many feel the names are completely unrelated.

The tie itself is very unique. If you choose to wear it you'll be charged with being an indian sympathizer, a westerner, and even a rebell. One boy in Wyoming wore one and the principal would not give him his diploma at his High School Graduation.

This created quite a stir around the country. Models, Westerners and people from around the world wear the Bolo tie. If you want one step inside our General Store. We have a casual model that does not cost much. But then we have a very formal model that needs your viewing. Most of these sell out fast.

The Western World of Arizona Style always creates it's own path.

Bolo Tie, Facts too Little

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