Arizona Apache Trout

This is a native trout to Arizona. Our State Fish has deep olive green sides with speckles of black. The Apache normally has a copper head with a yellow underbelly. It eats mostly small fish, fish eggs and insects. The female creates a nest when spawning. The nest is called "redd"

Now this fish is considered threatened, but the White Mountain Apache Indian Tribe in the White Mountains is working with the Federal Government to keep the populations up on their reservations.

The Apache is one of the best tasting fish you can catch. Please note that there are "fisheries" in Arizona who claim to have a very tasty equivalent. They are not as good as the natural native fish.

The natural Apache fish is up to 13 inches long in large lakes and streams. But normally in the mountain streams they are about six inches long.

A little butter and lemon and these fish are a tasty treat.

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