Palo Verde
Keep Our Desert Green

The Blue Palo Verde is the Tree we claim as Arizona's State Tree. It is a very hearty tree and can live 60 to 75 years. It has thorns like you might find on a lemon tree. "The blue palo verde or blue branches green tree" has hues of blue sometimes, but is mostly green in color.

In the spring it is draped in small bright yellow flowers by the thousands. A polinators dream come true! Bees and butterflies and beetles, oh my! These trees when not domesticated can grow to be 40 feet tall and as much wide in the wild. They provide their own ecosystem, within their footprint, out in the wild deserts.

In the desert they provide a fantastic amount of shade for the habitat by weaving green branches and very tiny green leaves.

When the tree is not covered in flowers and leaves it is not the most desireable tree to look at, however it is very unique to our desert experience. Wild gully washers weave their green sticks into an umbrella of shade. Open tiny leaves search for moisture all night and into the morning.

It has a cousin called the Yellow or Foothills variety. Its branches hued in yellow and the flowers are more faded yellow and white.

Both species are found below 4,000 feet in elevation, in the hotter climates of the Great Southwest and Sonoran Deserts.

Many times the tree appears very delicate especially in spring but it is the toughest tree perhaps in Arizna. It knows how to survive! So don't let your kids climb to the tops of these trees unaware, they may come out with scratches, cuts and pokes.

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Palo Verde

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