Zane Grey
Inspired By Arizona

Zane Grey.
Ohio and California and other States want to claim Mr. Grey as their own. Arizona was his beloved inspiration and hideaway. Mr. Grey was originally named Pearle Zane Gray. He eventually dropped the first name and changed the spelling of the last name to Grey. He was Born in 1872.

Mr. Gray was enamored with fishing his whole life. He was scouted out to play college baseball. This was his avenue to the University of Pennsylvania. He became a dentist. Major league baseball did not take him. Dentistry was something he learned, but did not want to practice. Zane wanted to write.

Arizona claims Mr. Zane Grey as a resident from 1923 to 1930. He stayed weeks on end in a cabin outside of the town of Payson on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona. This place inspired him and gave him peace from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and the big city.

He is famous for writing more western stories than anyone else. Over 50 movies were made from his writings. His works certainly glorified the Old West. Arizona became less obscure. Mr. Grey lamented the tourists that came to the great State of Arizona. Ironically, he was partially the cause of tourist visitors coming to Arizona. Great migrations of speculators came looking for cowboy-Arizona real estate in the deserts, while just a days ride from the pine tree and juniper forests. Arizona had been romanticized by Mr. Grey.

Mr. Grey died in 1939 of heart failure. His novels in the 40’s became increasingly well read by a larger audience than ever before as they were transitioned to paperbacks.

His Arizona cabin burned down in the Dude Fire in 1990. It made national news because 26 firefighters also lost their lives in the blaze. Now in 2008, the forest is showing it regeneration. The Grey cabin has been completely restored. Riders of the Purple Sage is one of Zane Grey’s most popular books.

He was the first millionaire author in America. 90 books written meant 40 million in book sales. His entire career was managed by his wife they split everything down the middle. She was his in house editor, contract negotiator, economic advisor, and emotional support. It was her choice to never buy stocks. So when the crash of the depression halted the U. S. economy, the Greys did not lose a penny in the crash. Arizona was Mr. Grey’s hideaway. AND

It could be yours too!

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