Lute Olson
Mr. Arizona Basketball

Lute Olson is a very famous basketball coach. What a thrill it has been to be brought to the National Championship once. We also won the championship! Amazing basketball. We have also been four times to the final four. March Madness has never meant so much to the Arizonans.

Of course, we all become Wildcats for the day when Lute is guiding the team to the top echelons of college basketball even if we are from ASU or NAU territory.

Coach Olson has put Tucson, the University of Arizona and Arizona on the proverbial map. He is an excellent role model for all sports fans, players and kids.

In 2001 Lute lost his first wife to cancer. They were married for 47 years. Two years later Coach Olson re-married to a Pennsyvania Oil business woman. They divorced about five years later in 2008. Lute is still on leave from the Basketball coaching at U of A. It seems that at 74 years old divorce could be very tough on any body.

We were looking forward to having Coach back on the court in time for the new season for 2008 and 2009. He gave his all and was told by doctors to stop trying to overcome his health deficits or die trying.

Coach lives today. No regrets coach! Focus on the win. Upgrade the health to first class, then give us your formulas for success on and off the court. We'll be here rooting for you. Carry on sir.

Coach Lute Olson lost his position as coach due to severe health issues resulting from a TIA. (Transient Ischemic Attack) This is often called a mini stroke. Usually caused by the side effect of Atral Fibrulation; most people are not aware that this is happening to them.

Severe headache, extremely tired, irregular heart beat, extreme high blood pressure, sore throat, raspy or hoarse voice are all symptoms of TIA but are often slept off or considered temporary flu and/or cold symptoms. When they go away (seemingly) the sufferer does not detect the severity and many times waits too long before seeing to proper medical care because he or she feels they'll eventually make a full recovery of the flu/cold.

Life is just a little off, not improving and then the health is checked almost always too late.

Coach has been dealing with depression and could not figure out why he was enough "off his game" that he might not be up to the pressures of the task of coaching anymore. His doctor eloquently expresses Coach Olsons condition here Coach Lute's Doctor

Lute in French means, wrestle, struggle, fight, battle or confront.

We are sure that this is a "Lute" to the finish for our favorite basketball coach. Many people with his condition can live for decades. Sometimes in this condition you are required to relearn many things from talking, walking and remembering.

God bless you Coach we are all praying for you here.

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