Dick Van Dyke
Oh Rob, It's a Jolly Holliday with You Burt

Dick Van Dyke
He was going to retire here in Arizona. He continues to act.

He is the spokesman for promoting awareness of Reyes Syndrome because of the death of a grandaughter who had the disease.

He is a beautiful man, his acting style is not fine tuned like you might think it should be. But he is absolutely fun to watch. His dancing and singing skills are not expressed much any more. His comedic delivery is greatly missed.

Night at the Museum was really fun to watch as he played a villainous janitor.. Mary Poppins will always call him Burt though. Some of his best acting ever was in Mary Poppins as the crotchety old bank chairman "working it" for toppins. In our memories and on reruns Laura Petrie will always be sighing, Oh Rob!

Dick Van Dyke lived in Carefree, Arizona for several years in the early ‘70s.. He had a show then produced in Scottsdale Arizona. Carefree is today a very high toned community in the old West.

Mr. Van Dyke is 82 years old. He looks great. How does he keep his youthful look? He always seems to be just shy of an Ariona sunburn, not able to tan. Blymee, Coo wot a site.

Dick Van Dyke

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