Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson
He is the best baseball pitcher in the world in 2001. He was 37. The world had just experienced the World Trade Center attacks in New York. He brought the Diamondbacks to the World Series against the New York Yankies.

Mr. Johnson has a lot of unique characteristics. He is 6’, 10”. He is a left handed pitcher, he is 45 years old he is the winner of the Cy Young award five times. Four of those wins was with the Diamondbacks.

He owns the strike out record. Mr. Curt Schilling a very accomplished pitcher also contributed to the World Series wins in 2001. But Johnson’s leadership in game 7 was impeccable. He stayed in the game not wanting a relief pitcher. His pitching was an absolute for the game 7 win.

The youngest team in baseball playing one of the oldest teams in baseball and the youngest won. It is one of the greatest games in baseball history. It was do or die. Luis Gonzales hit the final winning run in and the game was history. Owners, managers, executives, fans, janitors and vendors were stunned in amazement.

Baseball relies on team play and strategy analysis of what might happen. The greatest team in baseball was hit by the randomness of what happens outside the plan of action. Randy Johnson was the most needed asset to bring the prize to the Grand Canyon State.

Ironically, Randy went and played for the Yankees and now he is back two years later playing for the Arizona Diamond Backs.

Pitches are slower, injuries and surgeries are hindering the pitching. No complaints. Just ease back into it. No modern baseball fan will ever forget the Big Unit.

Johnson was given great pitching tips by Nolan Ryan in his early career. Nolan played his final Game at 46 years old. We hope that Randy will stay in the game and get us back in the playoffs.

He has a year to go to compete with Mr. Ryan. What a difference a trade or a couple of years makes.

Famous Winning Arizona Diamondbacks means Randy's Back!

Randy Johnson

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