Apache Chief

This man was a dangerous threat to American settlement processes until 1872 when he when said he had enough. He retired upon a treaty that allowed him to stay in his own country. He died later of natural causes. This great Apache Chief and his followers were the last fighting Apaches.

This Apache Chief was angry because the U. S. Calvary captured his family and then hanged them. His father, brother and nephews were executed. His father-in-law, Mangas Coloradus was invited to a parley session and trusting the word of the ranking soldiers came to that meeting unarmed. He was captured and killed within minutes of the meeting. This enraged the indian chief further. He vowed to avenge his father-in-law's death. He was captured twice by Calvary soldiers,but each time escaped to further exact his revenge and want for justice.

This great Indian Chief was very large. A Tall man with long dark brown hair. There is a county named after him in our great state of Arizona. He is a legend and a hero, fighting for his people, his homeland, wife, and children. In this there was honor.

He had become a blood brother to a mail runner who showed no fear in coming into the Apache camp. Tom Jeffords was this mail runner's name. Because of this friendship and brotherhood developed between The Apaches and Jeffords, he agreed to a treaty.

Both men were ultimately betrayed by the Federal Government. The treaty was subsequently broken because of copper and silver wanted by the white settlers found in the Apache Indian territory. This became an overriding element to break the terms of the treaty.

Mr. Jeffords was removed as the official mediator and the Federal Government heads removed the Apaches from their native territory in Arizona.

Cochise died nine months after the treaty had been signed, before his people were forced to move to the San Carlos Indian Reservation. But all Apache raids had stopped until Geronimo picked them up again. Geronimo surrendered in 1886, thirteen years after The Apache Chief had died. The stains of war do not fade easily.


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