Rex Allen
Cowboy Crooner

Rex Allen, was famous in Hollywood for playing himself in 19 Hollywood movies. He was one of the prominent singing cowboys in the 1950’s. He was blazing trails with Roy Rogers, Dale Evans(singing cowgirl), and Gene Autrie, singing all the way. He wore happiness in his voice.

It was fun, and still is, to listen to his deep resonant tones. There really isn't a voice much like his anymore, well, at least not famous voices. There have been local Arizonans who come pretty close.

He was the voice in Disney's Wildlife Narative films. He Loved his work. You could hear it in his voice.

He was born in Mud Springs Canyon, Arizona, New years eve, 1920. The closest town to Mud Springs Canyon was Wilcox, Arizona.

His narrative voice was always upbeat and smiling. He did not lend his voice to Baloo in the Disney cartoon feature movie of Jungle Book. Many think he did.

Mr. Allen died in Tucson, Arizona from heart failure in December 1999. You can still hear his voice on several different forms of Media. He did many radio commercials in Arizona and elswhere. His most famous of commercials on Television was a Purina Dog Chow commercial. It is still played every now and then.

This Arizonan became famous and kept Arizona his home until he passed away. People wonder if he was from the South or Texas or Tennessee. He is an Arizonan through and through, died in the wool. He created his own accent and friendly expressions.

Hopefully there will be others that will naturally fill the void of his loss for our children and grandchildren.

Rex Allen

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