Lynda Carter
Jewel of the Rio Salado

Lynda Carter
Our favorite Long legged, buxom brunette is a Hero who saved us from the comic book evils as Wonder Woman.

She is famous for her television series. Lynda Carter was born in Phoenix, went to High school in Globe Arizona and finished at Arcadia High School in Phoenix. She went to Arizona State University until she chose music to start her entertainment career. Lynda went on tour with several differnt rock bands to test out her talents. Word is she was good but the lifestyle could kill you.

Arizona State Univerity sits on the Rio Salado (Salt River)in Tempe. Lynda entered the Miss World beauty Contest hailing from Tempe, Arizona. She won. She thus became our Jewel.

Ms. Carter moved to California, got an agent, and quickly went broke. When her agent called to tell her she won the part of Wonder Woman, she had $25.00 to her name. She credits Wonder Woman for changing her life. She knows she can't shake the super nurse from marvel comics. She embraces her and has a small collection, in her home, on display from the show.

It is interesting. She has been typecast as Wonder Woman for 30+ years and that has probably hindered her ability to get other roles. But the turnabout on Hollywood is fair play right? There has not been another actress to play the part who is acceptable by a wide enough audience. So the whole franchise is typecast to Ms. Lynda Carter. Unfortunately that will change one day. Until that day, the curse of the re-runs cuts both ways.

She does not show her age at 57. Lynda has good Irish genes from her father and great complementing beauty genes from her mother who has a mexican heritage. You wonder where the woman got her heighth genes. Lynda has two beautiful children James and Jessica from her second marriage in 1984. Her children are all grown up now but they are still beautiful. She is married to a stalwart lawyer and CEO, Robert Altman.

Lynda Carter was the truest support for her husband during a modern day lynch mob attempt started by government bank regulators and invetigators. There was never a real case. Prosecutors were embarrassed. Lynda and Robert Altman won. Another victory for our Wonder Woman. Arizona wants you back Lynda. Get back to where you once belong. Savour the Jewel.

Lynda Carter

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