Hugh Downs
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Hugh Downs
He is a very successful News anchor man and journalist. He worked on the News Show 20/20 with Barbara Walters.

He use to commute to New York every week from Phoenix. When you love Arizona you want to stay a part of it for as much time as you can.

He now lectures at Arizona State University at a School of Human Communication named in his honor. He also markets himself to infomercials which are about natural and medical remedies that have the benefit of non toxic healings. He does interest pieces for distribution to other media outlets. Being color blind means blues look grey and yellows, white but we decide which is right and which is an illusion. Right Sir?

He has a great liking for sailing. When does he have time? He has logged more News hours on commercial television than most actors and other news people have in their entire careers.

Many do not know that he is also a published composer of music. We would love to hear your work Hugh. Is it Piano, Orchestral or Big Band? We are proud to have Mr. Downs claiming Arizona as one of his shelters from the world. We’re in touch, so you be in touch. Here's to Hindsight!

Hugh Downs

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